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About me?

You actually want to know about me?

You do? Really? Oh Gee. Oh Gosh. Oh Golly.

I was born at a very early age in the presence of my mother. It was a cold snowy November night in Bolton Lancs, before post codes were invented (1953). The first thing I remember is sitting in my high chair at the dinner table with mum, dad, both sisters and my brother. I guess I was about 18 months at the time. I had more hair then. A beautiful brown eyed fair haired little cherub.

Later on I went to school. I went because my mother made me go. I went for years and years and years. I picked up one or two useful bits of knowledge there. When I was finally released, for good behaviour, I was given a scrap of paper that was supposed to help me get a job. It didn't. Too idle to go to university and too poor to be idle I got my first job as a TV repair man. I was 18, almost innocent, and naïve as any one could be. After six months I left and got a proper job that included things like PAYE and NI contributions.

That was with Burroughs Machines Ltd. I stayed with them for about thirteen years progressing from an accounting machine mechanic to a senior software engineer. I was first made redundant soon after the merger with Sperry so I did actually manage to work for UNiSYS. During those years I got married, assisted in creating two children, moved house several times and crashed more cars that I care to remember. I also forgot how to grow hair on the top of my head so I let it grow on my chin instead. Well it seemed happy there.

I drifted through a few jobs over the next couple of years before finally having to move South, away from Scotland, and back to my native Lancashire. My first marriage ended at about this time with wife and daughter going one way and me and my son going another. I spent five years working for a small building society in Skipton Yorkshire. The last two years of which were spent with my second wife and her three children.

I've been drifting quite a bit since then. The second marriage has long gone. The kids have left home and I was alone in the world. All in all, the following years were not good or happy. I have worked in Leeds, Liverpool, Norwich, Bournemouth, Dublin and Cardiff. I daren't say things are looking up, as if I do fate will kick me in the teeth, as it normally does, but you might want a sneeky peek at these. Handfast pics

Oh I see that you have fallen asleep. I'll just go quietly now and let you get on with your life.

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