Here are a few pics of the Hand Fasting of Lorna and me that sort of happened on Sunday 22nd July 2001.

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We had searched long and far for a venue for our hand fast.  Places by rivers, places near trees, places near the sea. But it was only when I was walking over Mousehold Heath here in Norwich that I found the place we finally chose.

Imagine the feeling of walking along tiny almost overgrown paths  path through the thick lush undergrowth  fern , surrounded by trees both ancient and modern  trees when all at once you come across a clearing that is flat and wide and full of air and space, yet concealed from all the world by the woods.

This is the place that we chose.

With the very kind help of a few friends we started to transform the area at about 9:30 on the Sunday morning and by 11am three gazebos were standing. several tables of food and drink and our guests were arriving pic0009 .

The day itself was the most beautiful any one could have hoped for. The Sun warmed us, the air was still. Apart from ourselves the places was silent save for a few insects buzzing and birds singing, hidden in the branches.

All of the usual paraphernalia was there for the ceremony. My Sword  My Sword and my broom  My Broom were used, although we chose not to have the sword drawn  for the challenge.
I will have to try and get a pic of us jumping the broom from the video.

The ceremony was led by our good friend Duane  pic0010

Things were kept fairly casual as can be seen by this shot of the bride and the bridesmaids  Bridesmaids .

Although there was a lot of sitting about every one had a good time. Every one mingled with every one and it is good to be able to say every one got on really well. Sadly despite my best efforts they didn't manage to eat all the food (supplied by Butlers, Vauxhall St, Norwich).

At this point I intend to have a link to the text of service but don't hold your breath.

I have loads of pics and I post then here in no particular order. Where I can I've named names.

pic0001 pic0002 pic0003 pic0004 pic0005 pic0006 pic0007 pic0008 pic0009 pic0010 pic0011 pic0012 pic0013 pic0014 pic0017 pic0018 pic0019 pic0020 pic0021 pic0022 pic0023 pic0024 pic0025 pic0027 pic0028 pic0029 pic0030 pic0031 pic0032 pic0043 pic0044 pic0045 pic0046 pic0047 pic0048

By the end of the day the clearing was once again free of our intrusion and no one would ever know we had been there.

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