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01:00 11th November 1953

Born. Bolton, Lancashire.

Parents :

Charles Arthur Young and
Susan Grey Young (nee Barnett)


Brian Barnett
Sylvia Edith
Marion Christine

September 1957

Started School at Kearsley Mount Primary.


Mrs Deeks, Mr Collier, Mrs Cooke, Mr Cooke, Mrs Baldwin, Mr Parkinson.

Best Pals

David Booth, Kenneth Scanlon, Irene Barlow.

June 1962

Appendix removed

September 1964

Start Secondary School
Stand Grammar Whitefield
That's me, back row 2nd from the right

Form Masters

1a - Mr Holt, 2a - Mr Smethurst, 3b - Mr McBride
4b - Mr Eade, 5h - Mr Cheetham,
6m - Mr Broadbent, 7m Mr Reevie

Best Pals

John Berry, Martin Prescott.

Final qualifications

8 GCE O levels
2 GCE A levels

April 1971

Passed Driving Test

23:53, 12th June 1972

Lost virginity. Thank you Susan.

August 1972

1st Job. TV repair man for very small company based in Trafford Bar, Manchester.

March 1973

2nd Job. Field service engineer with Burroughs Machines Ltd. Working from Bolton Branch

April 1974

Bought First NEW car. Renalut 5 TL

2nd October 1975

Married to Valerie Anne Hill of Little Lever Bolton at the Methodist Church Little Lever.

1st April 1979

Started work in Glasgow, Scotland. Same company just a different location.

13th November 1979

Birth of my son Russell Adrian at Bolton General Hospital, Lancashire. 6lbs 4oz

Jan 1980

Wife and son come to live with me in Cumbernauld, Scotland

October 1983

Had a brief affair with Tanya from Penicuik

22nd January 1984

Birth of my daughter Emma Louise at Stobhill hospital, Glasgow.

March 1987

Made redundant as a result of the closure of the factory in Cumbernauld

April 1987

Start work with 4GL Systems Ltd.

June 1988

Made redundant as a result of the closure of the company

October 1988

Start work for Gordon and Gotch in the Edinburgh office

Jan 1990

Start work for Rockwood Freight in Paisley

May 1990

Wife and daughter leave home

June 1990

Made redundant as company closes

Oct 1990

Start work at Skipton Building Society in North Yorkshire and move to my previous address in Barnoldswick Lancs

August 1992

Chas moves in with her three children

November 1992

Divorce from Val made absolute

March 1993

My Daughter came to live with us. We now have 7 people living in a terraced house

June 1993

Marry Chas

May 1995

Chas and her kids move out

June 1995

Leave Skipton Building Soc after a disagreement with one of the directors.

June 1995

Lose driving licence for 12 months
I still say I didn't do it and was set up by the local Mafia.

May 1996

Start contracting at Halifax Building soc in Pudsey

Aug 1996

Daughter goes to live with her mother

Oct 1996

Get internet access

Dec 1996

Discover lots of friends at uk.singles when I discover usenet

Jan 1997

Start work at Royal&Sun Alliance in Liverpool

Jan 1997

Join Mensa

February 1997

Divorce from Chas made absolute

Jun-Sep 1998

Fall in love again.
Yet another broken heart

Feb-Aug 1999

Fall in love again.
Yet another broken heart

Nov 1999

Move to Norwich to try and make a new life for myself
Work for Norwich Union until the work is shipped out to India.
I'm not bitter (honest).

July 2001

Fall in love again.
Handfast pics

Feb 2003

Start work for Unisys at UISL in Bournemouth.

July 2003

Came back to work at Norwich Union.

March 2004

Back to UISL in Bournemouth.

July 2005

My son graduates from uni with a 2-1.

April 2006

Death of my car a Citroen ZX. My trusty car L515 BCW, finally gave up after I had done over 150,000 miles in it. The garage deemed it would cost more to repair than it was worth.

June 2006

Go to work for NUIL in Dublin and had the most wonderful six months.

June 2007

Go to the Principality Building Soc in Cardiff for six months. Work with many old friends and make quite a few new ones.

Jan 2008

Go to the Dunfermline Building Soc for three months. Work with an old friend and make quite a few new ones.

30th Aug 2008

My mother passed away today. After a 4 month battle with ill health following a pulmonary embolism in April. It was the most distressing time in my life. To see this once strong and proud lady waste away broke my heart. Although the hospital nurses and home care staff were always pleasant, it was clear that they really were not interested in looking after a 94 year old woman who was already blind, deaf and crippled.
I hope I die before I get old.

Dec 2009

Go back to the Dunfermline Building Soc for five months. Work with old friends. Have to remember COBOL and learn VB.

Jul 2010

Just for the fun(!?) of it I re-write my web site using PHP. Ah well I guess it's yet another skill to add to the CV.

21st Jan 2012

My first break in life. Well OK it was just a break in my leg. A clean break of the fibula at the ankle. Now I am fitted with a strip of Meccano© and six #4 wood screws all of which can be clearly seen on the xray here.As I write this (May 2012) I am up and walking about but still with a painful limp.

13th Apr 2013

Passed the RSGB Foundation level exam.
After a break of some 43 years my interest in amateur radio was re-kindled by a chance comment (see note below about my full ticket) by a friend. I started to go to the weekly Norwich ARC meetings and signed up for the foundation level course. I even managed to get through the Morse assessment (the part I never managed back in the '60s).
I am now M6CSQ, although it is unlikely to ever be heard.
Now to see if my enthusiasm continues long enough to go for the intermediate and full license.

13th Oct 2013

Got my Full Ticket.
Yes indeed the enthusiasm continued and I did the intermediate and full exams. I have a shack and radio boxes etc. see the radio page elsewhere.

[note] You know that 'chance' comment; It turns out my partner put him up to it to get me interested in a hobby. This has backfired on her as she is now also working through the exam levels to get her full ticket. [insert manic laughter here]

Sometime early in 2015

I have been diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes. Clearly not a death sentence in this day and age but it has rather upset me that I can no longer do as I want when I want how I want.

3rd Dec 2015

Right then! I was given metformin to control my blood sugar levels but had severe side effects so got them changed to a modified release version after 3 months. I continued with this until today. Although the side effects were less they were enough to make my life miserable so, after a talk with the doctor and my partner I made the decision to "live well and die soon". My will has been written and my funeral has been bought, so I can die any time without leaving anything needing to be done. I hope I don't have to wait too long or suffer too much at the end.

January 2017

I'm surprised that I'm still here. The last year (2016) hasn't been filled with fun. Things that should have brought me joy instead caused long term depression. I long for death.

From then til now

Nothing much happens in my life. I just stumble on from day to day.

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