Mastermind Game

This is the game of mastermind but with extra levels of difficulty to test the expert player.
Unlike the original board game, here you will play against the computer.
Not only will the computer set new codes for you to solve but you will also set codes for the computer, to see if you can beat it.

It is expected that you already know the rules and how to play so here is the order of play.

After you have selected the difficulty settings below, the computer will create a random code for you to guess.
You should think up a hidden code of your own that the computer will try to guess. Write it down so you don't forget it.
You will enter your guess by selecting the colour from the drop down boxes, then the computer will make its guess.
You should score the computer's guess by selecting a black or white peg from the drop down boxes.
Don't worry, the order that you enter them makes no difference. (honest!)
The game will continue with you and the computer taking turns to guess the hidden codes.

If the computer, guesses correctly the game will continue until you have worked out your code.
At any time, whether it is your turn or not, you may press the "give up" button and the hidden code will be revealed to you.
If you give up or guess your code before the computer guess the code you have made for it, the games ends.
The computer doesn't care if you beat it. It is a heartless beast!

Note that each time you score the computer's guess it will re-validate all of your previous scorings.
It is possible the computer may challenge you if the scores don't add-up.
I hope this will actually mean that you made a mistake. After all the only person here to cheat against is yourself.
If you select the maximum difficulty, it might take the computer some time to work out its next guess.

If you're that way inclined, you will find it is easy to cheat.

Good luck and have fun.

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