Once upon a time I went to School. It was Stand Grammar School, Whitefield. This place has its own website here
Since the death of my parents I came into possession of some old documents. It really is strange the things people keep. I thought I would put them on display here as others may find them of interest.

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sgs0001 First up is a copy of the school rules dating from 1965
sgs0003 I have a feeling these were all individually hand typed.
sgs0004 The local education authority, or committee making formal offer of a place at the school.
sgs0005 A list of the minimum required school uniform. Of course, once you got to Brooks on The Rock, Bury, there would be many more items you would need.
sgs0006 I was never interested in the Scouts. Just as well really as I doubt the family could have afforded the cost of it all.
sgs0007 Before I even got to the door my parents were being sounded out for "extra cash". Although I have a strong suspicion that mother received cash from them as we was poor.
sgs0008 This is I suspect my final school report before moving into the 6th form.
sgs0009 Whereas this is the earliest report I can find from the 1st form. I see this was for the Easter term and next term starts in April. So unless I'm going senile, there were 3 terms: Christmas (or autumn), Easter (or spring) and Summer. Who remembers the 2/6 a term we all had to bring in, for school funds?
sgs6 Now here's a thing. The first form school photo taken, as it says, in March 1966. I would love to have all the names of those on the photo as my memory fades year upon year leaving more faces without names.

If any one can fill in any of the blank names or make corrections, then do please contact me using the "report" link below.
So far I think we have:
Reading Left to Right
Back row: 1. Sulivan, 2. Lawrence Kershaw, 3. Mark Ruben, 4. Jim Morrison, 5. Peter Eastham, 6. John Hampson, 7. Ian Zatman, 8. Howard Smith, 9. Blomley, 10. Phil Berry, 11. Alan Titley, 12. Keith (Chips) Chappell, 13, Papworth, 14. Gary Glass, 15. Peter Kozera, 16. Alan Smethhurst, 17. Pete Fricker, 18. Tony Medowcroft, 19. Richard Channing, 20. Michael Cookson, 21. Walker, 22. Peter Stoker, 23. Kennedy, 24. Nigel Selwyn, 25. Roy Taylor, 26. David Wheeler, 27. Roger Hill, 28. Paul Anderson, 29. Peter Brennand, 30. Baker, 31. Peter Molyneux, 32. Neville Young (me), 33. Les Halliday

Middle row: 1. Gary Butterworth, 2. Jonathen Q Riley, 3. Michael Hardman, 4. Neil Bold, 5. Robert Pedley, 6. Terry Southgate, 7. Brian Muir, 8. Kirk, 9. Michael Black, 10. Ian Salkey, 11. Martin Kay, 12. Ken Marlor, 13. Cryer, 14. David Singleton, 15. Eric Fairclough, 16. Gordon Watson, 17. David Jameson, 18. Eddie Heap, 19. Roger Blackburn, 20. Shane Davies, 21. Alan Skelton, 22. Taylor, 23. Philip Wrigley, 24. Anthony Wagner, 25. Kevin Chapman, 26. Peter Carter, 27. Graham Bentley, 28. Stephen W Cohen, 29. Martin Prescott, 30. Jim Martin, 31. Nigel Booth, 32. Graham Kirk, 33. Philip Humphries, 34. Nigel Vivian, 35. Philip Dowd, 36. Steve Kay, 37. Alan Myres, 38. Daryl Turnberg

Front row: 1. Norman Nussbaum, 2. Shaw, 3. Jeff Cowburn, 4. Lewis, 5. Stephen Wood, 6. Andy Flood, 7. Geoffrey Warburton, 8. Jeffrey Bingham, 9. Louis Brennand, 10. Derek Kay, 11. Platt, 12. David Bannister, 13. Billy Fletcher, 14. Mr Harrison (1D), 15. Haggis Hargreaves (1B), 16. "Kerry" Holt (1A), 17. "Chippy" Wood (1C), 18. "Titch" Howarth, 19. Michael Stockman, 20. ?, 21. Stephen Wooley, 22. John Hall, 23. Paul Fecit, 24. John (Johnny) Godbert, 25. Brian Welsby, 26. Milton Firman, 27. Michael Baker, 28. Jimmy Lane, 29. Ralph Donner, 30. John Berry, 31. ?

My thanks for filling in so many of the missing names go to:
Paul Anderson, Stephen Cohen, David Bannister, Ken Marlor, Martin Kay, David Jameson, Jeff Bingham, Tony Meadowcroft and Howard Smith.

Who can name the last two?. Surely somebody must know them.
c_levels I was never any good at French (WOCAB) but somehow I managed to get a CSE in it.
Kids today won't know how shameful a mere CSE is.
o_levels 13 years at skule and all I got was this crappy slip of paper!
a_levels 15 years at skule and all I got was this crappy slip of paper!

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