Now sometimes I get of my lazy fat backside and venture out into the world outside. When I'm there I sometimes see things that I like. They may not be unusual or interesting but I like them so here they are. It may be that my love of the natural world is just one aspect of my paganism.
I have to admit I am quite fascinated by mushrooms. I rarely manage to identify them but their variety and the way they pop up overnight let me understand how people thought they were magical.

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14-05-08_1127 Ducks. Just ordinary ducks. They live near Colne in Lancs.
14-05-08_1128 more ducks
14-05-08_1129 A darkie duck
14-05-08_1130 Duck on a wall.
p9060015 Swans and geese at Crompton Lodges in Bolton. Although now the place is called something like Crompton Country Park, we all know it used to be the water reservoirs for a mill that stood here long ago. You'll remember that Sam Crompton was a Bolton lad and made machines to put all the weavers out of work.
p9060016 more geese
p9060017 lots more geese
p9060018 Attack of the killer swans
p9060019 Abeted by the killer geese
p9060020 Some Australian visitors.
p9060022 The "Red Rocks". I used to play here when I was a child. They were just a bare outcrop of red sandstone them but in the intervening 50 years s few trees have grown.
pa170045 A lady bird ... say "Awwww"
pa170046 and nearby a not ladybird.
pa170048 Daft flower don't you know it's the middle of October!
pa170050 A sort of flying bug thing.
pa170052 Not at all sure what they are but they seem to be having fun.
pa170053 as the ladybirds have a chat.
pa170054 They're having a meeting.
pa170056 I think it's laying eggs in the wood.
pa170057 A rabid ladybird perhaps?
pa170058 I have to find out what these are
pa170059 What's this? A ladybird in a mac?
pa170001 We went hunting lichens. We may have found some Cetrelia olivetorum
pa170002 on a sycamore tree.
pa170003 and took photos
pa170004 lots of photos
pa170005 A different tree. Beech I think.
pa170006 A different lichen on a hawthorn.
pa170007 possibly Biatora chrysantha on a hawthorn twig.
pa170008 and more on another tree
pa170009 Those leaves look like it's an Ash.
pa170010 But the lichen is a something or other maybe a Hypotrachyna taylorensis
pa170011 A fine example of erm lichen
pa170012 A tree
pa170013 that has slightly variegated leaves. It's probably a wooden one.
pa170014 The top of this branch is covered in a green layer of thing. Again I think it's an Ash tree.
pa170015 Oooo look at that green and black and making the bark fall off.
pa170016 I would name this if I knew it.
pa170018 This must be a wooden tree then.
pa170020 Interesting little fruits things.
pa170021 All the bark falls off and a shroom grows in the fork.
pa170022 Trying to identify an Elder tree.
pa170023 I photograph the tops you do the underside and we still won't know what it is.
pa170024 A pale white lichen
pa170025 a twig
pa170029 Two lichens here a pale green one and a white spotty one.
pa170031 possibly Psilolechia lucida
pa170032 These should tell us what sort of tree it is but they're not talking.
pa170033 Oooooo. Ikkle pink dot lichens. Possibly a young growth of Caloplaca luteoalba
pa170042 There's loads of Briony (English mandrake) grows round here
pa170043 It's so pretty and a dozen of those berries will kill you.
pa170060 A tree with two colour lichen possibly Punctelia jeckeri
pa170062 Ah yes it's a thingy tree.
pa170063 Tried very hard to identify this tree. I think it's a buckeye and not a horse chestnut at all.
pa170068 Just a gnarled old tree.
pb050001 I found these pretty orange shrooms growing next to the school a few yards away from my home. Possibly Laccaria laccata
pb050007 I don't know if the white ones are a different type or just younger.
pb050008 They're growing just by the hedge.
p5160028 This one found next to the car park at Colney Wood Burial site 16/05/2009
pa170026 Oooo black shrooms.
pa170041 Those black shrooms agen.
pa170065 An old tree stump is now home for this magnificent fungus. Prime suspect is Phaeolus spadiceus.
pa170027 nice little fan shaped shrooms on a decaying log. Prime suspect is Trichaptum abietinum
p5200004 An old tree stump near to the old roman town at Caister St Edmund, Norfolk
p7250019 Well I've got no idea what this is but it's very pretty. It just sprung up in the garden without any help from anyone. If any one knows what it is do please let me know.
p7250021 The other bud should open as well soon. I think this one is a keeper.
2011-06-01-01 I found this chap sunning himself on the Marriot's way footpath / cycle track. It was still too cold to run away so I moved it to a sunny spot at the side of the path or it would have been squished by a cycle wheel before too long. I don't know if it's a lizard or a newt but I don't care because it's cute.
2011-09-24-0067 I spotted this small group of inkcaps by the visitors car park at the place where my wife works.
2011-09-26-0068 They were quite pretty
2011-09-28-0069 Two days later and this one nice and ripe
2011-09-28-0070 a very nice picture even if I do say it myself
2011-09-28-0071 Slightly from above
2011-09-28-0072 Sadly somebody cut the grass that day and all were lost
2011-10-23-0079 I saw this clump on a tree stump near my home.
2011-11-09-0002 Back at the works carpark and surrounding area. There is this group of shrooms.
2011-11-09-0003 At first I thought they were inkcaps too but they are not.
2011-11-09-0004 A few nice button mushrooms a few yards away
2011-11-09-0005 At the lower end of a slope were these.
2011-11-09-0006 Not at all sure what they are.
2011-11-09-0007 In the centre of the picture is this young shroom
2011-11-09-0008 These are the same but a probably a little bit older.
2011-11-09-0009 There were a lot of these flat capped shrooms.
2011-11-09-0010 As you see they fold over as they get older
2011-11-09-0011 I can not remember when I have seen so many in one place
2011-11-09-0012 They almost seam to be trying to hide under the fallen leaves
2011-11-09-0013 Mixed in are a number of inkcaps and something I can't identify.
2011-11-09-0014 A field fill of shrooms
2011-11-09-0015 OK so I got a bit carried away with the photos.
2011-11-09-0016 but can you blame me
2011-11-09-0017 I have to admit I wasn't aware that different shrooms could grow together like this.
2011-11-09-0018 but they do
2011-11-09-0021 I can't tell if this is an inkcap or not. Just looks a bit wrong and there were quite a few of them.
2011-11-09-0022 Looking directly down on some yellow shrooms. There were not many of these.
2011-11-09-0025 Clearly several days worth showing how they grow.
2011-11-09-0026 Just a view of the hill
2011-11-09-0027 I would have gone back for more photos but that bl**dy grass cutter came again.
2011-11-09-0028 I really do wish I had a (better) close up facility on the camera.
2011-11-09-0030 I was after a photo of an ivy covered tree for another project and here it is.
2011-11-09-0031 Looks better without the auto flash!
2011-11-09-0032 and even better when I lean on another tree to get a stable camera.
2011-11-09-0033 I thought these were fallen plums but there was no plum tree here.
2011-11-09-0034 They are shrooms. Not plums or conkers.
2011-11-09-0035 Even growing in the gravel of the car park itself where they lost the plum shape and became much flatter
2011-11-09-0036 A few steps away were these
2011-11-09-0037 I thought this was very patriotic. It almost has the union flag on its cap.
2011-11-09-0038 and finally back to the first group I saw that morning.
p8110005 Amber in the making.
p8110006 The tree was in the gardens of Merrion Square Dublin. 11/08/2006
p9170012 a little shroom
pa210062 As we walked through the woods in Stranola near Donegal we saw and started to love shrooms. 21/10/2006
pa210063 Just a nice looking tree.
pa210065 Something won't be feeling well after eating on those shrooms! prime suspect Russula rosea
pa210066 Even the plain brown slimy ones can be nice to look at. prime suspect Clitocybe vibecina
pa210067 A small black one. prime suspect Exidia glandulosa
pa210068 This one has folded back onto itself so the gills are now on the outside.
pa210069 All types just crop up anywhere No idea what this is. Almost pure white with no visible stem.
pa210075 Here down amongst the leaf litter are some simple white capped shrooms.
pa210077 A pentagram tree?
pa210078 Found several bits of this growing on this tree. I have been unable to identify it.
pb110033 I watched this inkcap grow from a tiny stalk to a great white open capped fungus before Sean went and cut the grass and chopped it down Quite clearly a Coprinus comatus 11/11/2006
pb110034 Some of you may recognise it as the one I use as my avatar on facebook. I use it because this photo was taken on my birthday. 11/11/2006
pb130001 Starting to dissolve now.
pb130003 Lovely dark black ink 13/11/2006
pb140004 a day later and it's almost gone. 14/11/2006
pb140005 Now clearly in its inky phase from which it got its name.
pic-0001 Some fine shrooms growing on a tree in Dunfermline.
pic-0014 Moss and lichen on a rock near Ranoch station.
pic-201010 I'm not at all sure what type of tree it is but I suspect it is a rowan (mountain ash). Sadly the photos don't show just how vivid the red stood out against the grey day.
pic-20109 There is, or at least was, a car park at the end of Stafford Street here in Norwich. As I walked by one day in December I saw this tree filled with red berries and thought it worth a photo or two.

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