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20170429_094532 Don't do this !
20170429_121408 General view of the projector
20170429_121419 A better view
20170429_121524 This screw releases and secured the height of the front foot.
20170429_121531 This screw releases and secured the height of the front foot.
20170429_121547 Like This
20170429_121615 Here is the lens fully retracted. Turn it anti clockwise to focus it
20170429_121634 Unscrewed a lot you can see the thread.
20170429_121644 The front part of the lens moves in and out to zoom the picture without changing the focus
20170429_122116 Here is the lens fully removed from the projector. you can clearly see the focusing thread.
20170429_122126 and again to show the zoom fully extended
20170429_121726 Top feed spool
20170429_121734 It is opened thus to allow the film to be fed in. (It's full of dust.) Once the film is on the feed sprockets release the clamp and turn on the motor briefly.
20170429_121743 This slide allows you to make sure there is a good loop of film before it gets to the gate.
20170429_121747 Lift it like this and turn the motor on again to feed the film through the gate.
20170429_121753 Once the film gets through the gate move the slide down
20170429_121757 like this to get a good loop at the gate exit before it gets to the exit feed spool
20170429_121819 The exit feed spool. The film should just pop out of here. You may need to remove the cover to get the film to pass through to the rear take up spool.
20170429_121827 If you need to release it you can.
20170429_121804 This two position adjustment is for Regular and Super 8 OK I'm guessing here. It seemed to work in the R position.
20170429_121811 This black knob allows some adjustment of the gate and shutter timing.

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