Sometimes you see things that just make you ask, "What prat did that".
So I started to photograph some of them.

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2006-02-15-0038 Notice the tidy way the refuse department (City Care of Norwich) put the recycling bin back into the drive to make sure it doesn't cause an obstruction.
2006-02-15-0039 The daft thing is, some one nicked our bin when we went on holiday. Quite common they say.
2006-06-01-0001 My neighbour from across the road who got hit in the face by rocks when he went out to complain to "youths" about them throwing rocks at his house. The "youth" concerned was later procecuted and fined about 2/6d
2006-06-16-0011 These two played at "side by side" for almost 15 miles. There must have been a queue of over 100 cars waiting to get past.
2006-06-16-0013 And It's such good fun another pair thought they'd have a go at it too. This time for the full length of the crawler lane. The result being that nobody passed anybody, including the prat in the green lorry who had to fall back behind the white one.
2006-08-13-0033 Positively No Parking on this road.
2006-11-18-0009 Santa comes early for good little girls and boys in this Dublin superstore.
2006-12-07_1302 If you need to avoid a parking fine then rather than park on a double yellow line just leave it blocking the entrance/exit of the underground car park. That should do the trick nicely.
2006-12-11_1822 10 mins to the gate??
Can I get a taxi there?
2006-12-22-0026 So this means if you don't know how to use an escalator then you can't come in!
2007-01-08_1446 You go which way round the roundabout to get to the cafe?
2007-01-08_1447 I said ...
2007-01-08_1448 I said You go which way round the roundabout to get to the cafe?
2007-01-31-0118 Here you see the HUGE box needed to protect that iddy biddy ikkle PC card intransit. Makes good recycling sense, or maybe not.
2007-03-13_0900 please park your cars on the road when the footpath is full.
2007-03-13_0901 please park your cars on the road when the footpath is full.
2007-05-02_1101 It's rather sad that the memorial to this gardener is obscured by a fecking great weed!
2007-07-02_1812 Not that I have anything against NU as a company but I think this sign predicts their future.
[update]29/04/08 the parent company Aviva is dropping the Norwich Union name, at least for sports sponsorship.
2007-07-23_1400 Please don't leave fresh fruit in your desk drawer when you leave the company.
2007-08-03_1725 How can they justify these prices?
Why are the first lot of 25 envelopes £2.29 and second lot of 25 only 20p more???
2007-09-08_1408 I think it would have been better to say "kids that climb on the dinosaurs will be eaten".
2008-03-25_0752 Did I mention about parking on the pavement?
2008-04-13_1724 I don't care how good the feckin drink is. I won't pay that for it!
2008-05-23_1058 Men !!! It has to be MEN not man. I would have mentioned it but knowing what they're like in Yarmouth it would probably get changed to "We is the music man".
2008-06-23_1017 FAIL!
2008-07-14-0015 That's why they're so creamy !
2008-07-31-0018 Sorry I was late for work but some prat dug a ruddy great trench outside my house!
2008-08-01-0019 Innocence lost! My beloved passed her driving theory test yesterday and as a result said she felt confident enough to get the car out of the garage. This was the result.
2008-08-19_1011 As seen at Bury's Fairfield hospitial. Once you get the emergency door open all you have to do is climb over the stored rubbish.
2008-08-21_1417 Would you believe this photo was taken at a quarter past two. George Orwell would be proud.
2008-09-05-0012 At reception they said we could find out about the hotel's facilities by using the very modern TV information system.
2008-10-22-0005 Please recycle your rubbish they say. In return we will ensure that your old utility bills are left on the pavement outside your house.
2009-02-18_1400 and since the council started to charge to have stuff taken away we get this. Then they have to pay someone to collect it anyway and clean up. Not what I would call a cost saving.
2009-05-14_2007 It's nice to know that Norfolk police have a disabled police policy.
2009-05-15_1257 Here we have a fine example of how much the local community cares for it's green spaces and limited woodland.
2009-05-20_1329 It's amazing what you can buy at Lidl these days.
2009-11-03_0641 I think it's a new game. Asda tenpin bowling. You have to throw a trolly down the isle and if you knock ten or more drinks off the shelf you win a teddy bear.
2009-12-13_1627 A sign in the local Subway sandwich shop. I just couldn't help but think rood thoughts.
2010-07-03 Every little helps.
£1.23 each or £3.00 for two.
2010-10-09-0012 OK. So maybe it's just me who would think of kissing a circumcision better.
2010-10-30 Safe WiFi.
2011-01-0021 Here we see how much this woman driver cares that she failed to give way at the junction. In case you can't tell she makes the "thumbs in the ears and finger waggle" face.
2011-07-30-0067 I'm not sure if this is an example of the local dialect or poor spelling. Either way it gets on this page.
2011-01-24-1022 Handwriting Handwritting.
2011-09-17-1064 Your "you're" is the wrong your.
2011-09-18-1062 Dont even think of parking your car on this bit of road in Norwich.
bug1 Meenwhile in the Norwich Minnellium Library They're showing how good modern science is.
fiona1 She thought she could "flash" her boobs quicker than I could flash my camera. BWAHAHAHAH
bike1 Now the thing about Cambridge is, it is a town filled with smart, intelligent, highly educated people.
Sadly it is also a place where people on bikes just can not, or will not, read.
Although full credit and brownie points to the young boy in the foreground who is clearly smarter than the grown-ups behind him.
bike2 And it's the same going the other way too.
glow_candles Now I may be missing something here but, aren't candles supposed to glow in the dark?
pic-0003a Mars Bars 50P each or two for 49p! Note the slogan on the 50p deal; "Great savings every day".
pic-0003 OK you need to know my 2nd wife went by the name of Chas (short for Clarice). I knew she had fallen on hard times since the divorce but I never expected to see her stoop to this sort of fund raising. (OK I know it wasn't her but it's what went through my mind at the time).
pic-0004 Health and safety at work.
pic-0018 Well Duh! They forgot to say "and push".
pic-0019 I guess they couldn't find a picture of a turnip.
pic-0021 Somebody can't do simple maths. £2.99 a litre and £2.99 per 100ml. Amazingly I found the same error in 3 different stores. Asda, Lidl and Iceland!
pic-0044 Seen on the entrance to the local doctor's surgery.
So please do not go to the doctor if you are feeling ill.
pic-201112 OK I'm sure there is a good reason for having these stickers on almost every ceiling tile in our local chemist's shop. I suspect they employ bluebottles to clean the roof.
pic-20114 Can any one from Asda tell me what the difference is. Some spuds cost 54p a can.
pic-20115 While others cost 24p a can. Same size and quantity so it has to be the cost of the printing.
pic-20117 There is something quite disgusting about watching fluffy toys chasing each other round a circle. It may be that as they catch up with the one in front they try to bum it.
2011-09-24-0066 A rather hurried bit of parking at Norwich railway station.
20160207_135338 It looks like the footpaths in Norwich are to become car parks. This was Alexander Road on Sunday, 7th Feb 2016.
20160207_135445 OK I managed to squeeze by those three but had to use the cars as a hand rail as I couldn't use my walking stick here.
20160207_135457 Up ahead I see more.
20160207_135503 There are only two this time but as you can see it would not be safe to walk round the cars by stepping in to the road.
20160207_135614 And as a final insult it would appear the AA condone this type of activity.
20181104_144212 Bad parking on Alexandria Road, Norwich on the 4th Nov 2018.
20181104_144227 Even the thinest of people couldn't squeeze past this forcing pedestrians to walk in the roadway.
20181104_144243 Bad parking on Alexandria Road, Norwich on the 4th Nov 2018.
20181104_144249 Even the thinest of people couldn't squeeze past this forcing pedestrians to walk in the roadway.
20181104_144327 Bad parking on Alexandria Road, Norwich on the 4th Nov 2018.
20181104_144332 Even the thinest of people couldn't squeeze past this forcing pedestrians to walk in the roadway.
20181104_164024 Bad parking on West End Street, Norwich on the 4th Nov 2018.
20181104_164035 Even the thinest of people couldn't squeeze past this forcing pedestrians to walk in the roadway. To make sure the foot path is completely impassible they have parked right up to the hedge.

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