OK so I'm in mensa.
It doesn't make me a bad person.
We sometimes have fun.

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07-12-06_2210 Here Paul McKinley get a pressie at the end of his term as locsec. Knowing what he likes he receives 3ft of Jaffa cakes.
In the background are David Shulman (left) and (I think) John McBride.
07-12-06_2211 Sorry for the shaky picture.
13-02-07_2250 When I got back from my stay in Dublin I tried to start a regular film group in Norwich. Here at the first meeting is me, my partner (Lorna) and Marguerite. It was the best turn out ever.
24-02-07_2152 Here is the first outing of team Arrrr. (now we're called the Aaarghvarks).
Just a fun quiz organised as a fund raiser for the WI. Round the table L-.R are:
Ruth, Alan, Liz, Tony, Me, Lorna. Of course Lorna isn't in mensa but she keeps me company.
24-02-07_2156 Erm, we accidentally won the quiz. We had no idea there was a trophy or prizes. We were all quite embarrassed.
25-04-09_1031 We went to the Archive centre and record office at Norwich to see a disply of ancient books. Cos we're like that.
27-01-07_1231 Just a couple of snaps taken at the regular 4SotM lunch at the Red Lion in Norwich.
28-02-09_1243 Our youngest member.
28-04-07_1326 Eddie the regular pub meet organiser.
28-04-07_1333 A very serene looking Margret.
p5160029 Marguerite asking "can I borrow your camera"?
p5160030 a group of people drinking tea.
The poor woman from the Greenhouse Trust, who we tore to bits, is on the left speaking to Brendan.
In the centre are Lorna, Eddie and Robert and then a very blurry Tony.
I have no idea who the sleeping chap is.
p5160033 The entrance to the enchanted garden.
p5160034 Some got a lift
p5160035 Roger Greengrass. Used to be, and may well still be, the East Anglian Loc Sec.
p5160037 trees and bluebells
p7250010 A bunch of happy mensans at the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge.
The lady in the pick cardie (Pat) was our guide for the visit organized by Liz (dark blue top).
p7250003 Here we see Janet being most embarrassed after reversing into a rate tree specimen.
Luckily the post with the tree's label save it from damage.

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