Unlike all the other galleries these are not photographs. These are copies of Art by Frahm stolen shamelessly from this website.

This is a blatant breach of copyright but I do feel that these works need a wider audience than they normally get. Also in the event that the current website should fail then backups are here.

I love these drawings, but then I'm a pervert who likes the idea of what these convey.

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artcat2 Title: Unknown.
Drawn: Unknown
bluebus2 Title: O-Ooh!.
Drawn: 1950
bowling Title: Spare.
Drawn: 1952
bus2 Title: A Fare Loser.
Drawn: 1953
cat Title: Cute Trick.
Drawn: 1945
elevator Title: Going Down.
Drawn: 1956
fake Not actually a Frahm but the work of a copycat Scott Pike
Thought to be from the 1960s.
fore Title: Untitled.
Drawn: Undated
This is not verified as a Frahm but it probably is.
help Title: In Need of Help.
Drawn: 1955
mailcallbig Title: Mail Call.
Drawn: 1958
notime2 Title: No Time to Lose.
Drawn: 1951
notime Title: No Time to Go.
Drawn: 1954
number Title: Number Please.
Drawn: 1957
ost Title: What a surprise.
Drawn: 1950
redhead Title: Moonlight Beauty.
Drawn: 1950
shakedown Title: The Shakedown.
Drawn: 1955

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