These are picturs of my family doing family things.

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feet1 I don't know why but people are always asking about my feet.
18-08-07_2030 this is my mum relaxing at Marion's on Aug bank hol 2007.
lorna1 Can you blame me for falling madly in lust love with her?
Here in her bedsit where she lived when we first met.
pb140001 This is my son Adrian taken on 13th Nov 2009 when he came to visit. I got him to stay overnight. With luck he may visit again.
pb140002 And this is his car. It's newer and shinyer than mine but it still has the lambda light comming on. The drive to Norwich was the longest he had ever done since passing his test. He wouldn't admit how knackered he was but he was.
emma_in_2009 This is the latest pic I have of my daughter Emma.
p2010025 My sister Sylvia and one of her dogz and katz. Oh and Lorna.
p2010027 Mum at Sylvia's. She always had that glint in her eye.
p2010028 More pics of Sylvia.
p2010030 Snoozy time ;-)
p2010031 Woof! Doggy snooze too.
p5250012 Lorna at home in Norwich. Dunno what she's looking at.
p5260001 A couple of dreadful mugshots
p6160014 Is it me or is it Fathta Jack from Craggy Isle?
pb230010 This is Michael, Sylvia's hubby outside their house in Whitefield.
pb240011 And another lovely pic of me mum at her house in Kearsley where we all growed up.
pc130025 OK so I briefly tried styling the beard. Didn't work did it!
pc200001 Lorna and the outlaws. (ie. her mum and dad). Probably taken near Christmas.

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