On Saturday the 30th July 2011 Lorna and me went to the 2nd Whitwell & Reepham Railway Steam Rally.
Although only a small venue with only a few dozens of exhibitors it was a well organised and layed out site.
They had the foresight to provide free park and ride mini bus service that allowed them to maximise the limited space they have.
The line is now part of the Marriot's way long distance foot and cycle path although they do have some rollong stock and trackbed. They are hoping to construct a 7¼ inch railway to nearby Barton House and the engine was running along the old station platform. There was plenty of steam.

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2011-07-30-0004 The first thing I noticed was the fine display of house bricks.
2011-07-30-0005 I think No. 48 won a prize.
Of course these are the plots for the exhibitors who hadn't yet turned up.
2011-07-30-0006 This small tank engine spent the entire day shuttling folk in the guards van up and down the small length of track.
2011-07-30-0007 A fully restored carriage. I don't ever remember seeing one as clean as this.
2011-07-30-0008 Elf and safe tea warnings
2011-07-30-0009 The next carriage was and old 1st class corridor with a bar at the far end !
2011-07-30-0010 These seats are still far more comfortable than any on a modern train.
2011-07-30-0011 The drop down arm rests to allow for a nice sleep if it was not too crowded.
2011-07-30-0012 Not quite as plush is the wheel for applying the brake.
2011-07-30-0013 Outside view of the carriage.
2011-07-30-0014 There is always room for a pretty flower by the side of the railway.
2011-07-30-0015 Just a shot of looking down to the end of the line.
2011-07-30-0016 A very nice Rolls Royce from 1936.
2011-07-30-0017 Aparently the owner of this fine car was recently "done" for speeding (35 in a 30 zone) and choose to take the speed awareness course rather than pay the fine. If nothing else it shows that the dibbles really do have nothing better to do.
2011-07-30-0018 There is Annie again. A short video can be seen here and here.
2011-07-30-0019 I remember watching these for hours from the school yard when I was a child as they ferried wagon loads of coal to the power station.
2011-07-30-0020 One of the many stationary engines on show. This one driving a hacksaw.
2011-07-30-0021 There were not many cars on the Saturday most being on show only the next day when I was not there.
This; a very nice 1936 Morris 8
2011-07-30-0022 This is an Austin Sheerline (1951) [according to the programme]
2011-07-30-0023 And this a Morris Tourer Ten/Six Special.
2011-07-30-0024 A row of bricks, a diesel shunter and an idle traction engine.
2011-07-30-0026 I don't think the car in the foreground was on display but I wanted a picture of the flat bed lorry.
2011-07-30-0027 A 1957 Fergson Grey and Gold 35.
2011-07-30-0028 This chap isn't in the show. It works here.
2011-07-30-0029 A Tea 20 (1942)
2011-07-30-0030 a 1937 John Deere AOS
2011-07-30-0031 and a M1 (1952)
2011-07-30-0032 A Massey Ferguson 135 (1966)
2011-07-30-0033 A Deutz Model FIL 514/50 Single cylinder (1950)
2011-07-30-0034 A nicely done up Foden Colonial steam wagon. "Monarch" (1913)
2011-07-30-0035 A Monarch dual action engine.
2011-07-30-0036 A Burrell Road Loco (1899). Only part restored.
2011-07-30-0037 A Clayton Shuttleworth "Valiant" from 1919
2011-07-30-0038 This claims to be an Austin 12HP Van but I suspect the numbers have got mixed up as it looks like a car to me.
2011-07-30-0039 A Burrell 12 ton steam roller "Buster" (1924)
2011-07-30-0040 A Davey Paxman Portable (1900). I just love that tall chimney.
It can been seen working here.
2011-07-30-0041 Another Burrell traction engine "Buller" (1901)
2011-07-30-0042 Marshall Agricultural steam traction engine "Old Nick" (1908)
It can been seen working here.
2011-07-30-0043 A Fowler Tractor (1930)
2011-07-30-0044 6" Marshall "Little Ol Nick" (1996-2002)
A scale version of the real engine seen two photos back.
2011-07-30-0045 I was quite taken by this little chap
2011-07-30-0046 There is a short video of it here.
2011-07-30-0047 A 6" scale Garrett steam Tractor.
2011-07-30-0048 and again with a bit less smoke
2011-07-30-0049 I failed to get the name of this model.
2011-07-30-0050 An ordinary bicycle.
2011-07-30-0051 A nice little trike for the kiddies.
2011-07-30-0052 And an adult trike with a rather novel steering arrangement.
2011-07-30-0053 Lots of bikes.
2011-07-30-0054 A very nice wooden ordinary bike.
2011-07-30-0055 and again without the camera.
2011-07-30-0056 Sorry it's blurry.
A dummy keyboard for typing practice but how would you know if you had hit the wrong key?
2011-07-30-0057 I think I had one of these as a child.
2011-07-30-0058 A very strange typewritter. You have to point to the character you want using the plate on the left which then turns the cylinder. I was hopeless at it.
2011-07-30-0059 A Blickenderer portable. A very novel type head and definitely not QWERTY.
2011-07-30-0060 I couldn't get a good shot of this Reminton because of the lights.
2011-07-30-0062 I have never seen anything like this before.
2011-07-30-0063 Can I blame the auto-focus on the camera for this one?
No I thought not.
2011-07-30-0064 A slightly better view of the Royal
2011-07-30-0065 A model fairground.
2011-07-30-0066 I have a short video of this here.
2011-07-30-0068 Looking up ...
2011-07-30-0069 ... and down the Marriot's way foot/cycle path.
2011-07-30-0070 The Barton House 7¼" guage railway set up on the platform
2011-07-30-0073 Just something I noticed on the way back home.
2011-07-30-0075 It was the tree that caught my attention.
2011-07-30-0076 Of course I had to terrify the wife. (not really).

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