On Sunday the 19th June we had a moot picnic.
Despite overcast weather there was a fair tun out and we got the use of this gazebo to shelter under.

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2011-06-19-0003 The general assembly taken to shouts of No. No!
2011-06-19-0004 A close up of Mike
2011-06-19-0005 We kept the moot mascot safely tied up where she whined and whined.
2011-06-19-0006 Food.
2011-06-19-0007 A view up the main garden
2011-06-19-0008 The wall and stair at the lower end of the garden
2011-06-19-0009 There are some interesting things to see.
2011-06-19-0010 It's the garden again
2011-06-19-0011 Quite a pretty wall
2011-06-19-0013 Everywhere you look there is something to see.
Like these terracotta grapes.
2011-06-19-0014 or an example of nature imitating art.
2011-06-19-0015 Oh look! There's a picnic down there.
2011-06-19-0016 A long view of the garden taken from the top of the back stair.
2011-06-19-0017 Again but with zooooom.
2011-06-19-0018 and again without.
2011-06-19-0019 Last one I promise.
2011-06-19-0020 An interesting wall feature.

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