During my stay in Dunfermline (Dec2009-Apr2010) I took a few trips out and about. While some have their own page these are an odd few that I just lumped together.

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2009-12-12-1357 I had to go and visit the Falkirk wheel. A novel way of lifting barges from the lower to the high canals in the area. This was built long after I had moved away from there and I remember well the walks along the old dry lock system. These few shots do not do justice to the scale and majesty of this engineering feat.
2010-02-14-0019 14th of Feb 2010 and the snowdrops in the hotel gardens dare to bloom.
2010-02-14-0021 A way post in the park that caught my eye.
2010-02-14-0022 Seems a shame that these small caves have to be locked up. Even bigger shame that they get used as litter bins.
2010-02-14-0024 Dunfermline's most famous son Andrew Carnegie.
2010-02-14-0025 A shot from the park along the high street
2010-02-14-0026 Although you may be famous during your life ...
2010-02-14-0027 ... the pigeons will bring you back down to earth if you have a statue built.
2010-02-14-0028 Is this a resturant menu? Can I find a Hamlet burger?
2010-02-14-0029 I suspect someone ordered far too many £30.00 labels.
2010-02-14-0030 The plaque outside the museum.
2010-02-20-0031 It's now the 20th of Feb and the local country park lake is still frozen solid.
2010-02-20-0033 This gives the ducks a chance to walk on water.
2010-04-15-0015 The view from the hotel car park across Dumfermline. Nothing too special except that bright bit of sky is where the islandic volcano ash cloud ends and clean air stars.
2010-04-15-0020 Just the house across the street.

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