OK so this artist isn't Banksy but he (she?) does make some very sharp pokes at the establishment.
The standard of the art is really very good and I for one wouldn't mind them being kept to provoke thoughts in the public at large.
The artist always signs the work with what could be a smiley face or two dots and a J.
Whoever you are ''J more power to your paint pot.

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2010-09-01-0271 Something completely different. A not so subtle defacement of an advertisement hoarding at the junction of Dereham road and Heigham Road.
2010-10-09-0004 This piece is to be found in Lower Goat Lane at the Guildhall end.
2010-10-09-0007 This, and the next two are on the corner wall of Lower Goat Lane and Gaol Hill.
2010-10-09-0010 This one is on London Street opposite Jarrolds.
2010-10-09-0011 As is this. It seems odd to consider defacing grafitti with grafitti as defacement.
I did consider touching it up but decided against it. (sorry about the slight blurring. I'll try to get a better shot some time).
2010-10-11-0036 Further along London Street we see a comment about our friends in the "elf and safe tea" gang.
There are other copies of this banana elsewhere but they are signed by a different artist. I don't know if it's the same person or if we have two wall artists in the town.
2010-12-14-0008 Yet another social comment by or friendly artist. I suspect he is making comment on the CCTV camera located somewhere nearby.
2011-06-27-0273 Well, maybe it's just me but, I wouldn't mind if they all got the sack.
2011-10-23-0001 Well I just happen to agree with this sentiment.
2011-10-24-0082 Not quite sure what the message is ment to be here but I'm trying to collect all of his works.
2011-10-24-0083 Seen this one before but this time it's on a wall.
2011-10-24-0085 Now sometimes it's graffiti done by vandals.
2011-10-24-0086 And sometimes it's art. But who decides?

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