During the bank holiday period from 26th to 31st Aug we decided on a whim to go to Kent and see what was there. Overall it was quite a disappointing few days but at least the company was good. We first visited Canterbury then, after an overnight stop, went to Margate and followed the coast back towards Dagenham.

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2010-08-26-0022 One of the first striking things we met in Canterbury was this old gate. It loomed up at us as we turned a corner and caused SWMBO to utter an expletive.
2010-08-26-0023 We got this close to the cathedral. It was £8 per person to get in so we stayed out. I think that's meant to be some deity in green but it looks a bit demonic to me.
2010-08-27-0024 In Margate the only thing of note was the old Lido. Clearly having seen much better days it is rather sad to see it allowed to go to ruin like this.
2010-08-27-0025 I'm sure that when there was a pool of water here this would have been a quite spectacular vista.
2010-08-27-0026 At least somebody with a bit of sense has retained the mosaics on the wall
2010-08-27-0027 These must have been the original steps into the lido
2010-08-27-0028 and here on a doorway are some more mosaics

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