2010-07-25-botanic gardens

On the 25th July 2010 Lorna and I went to visit the Botanic gardens at Cambridge.
The trip and tour were organized by Liz as a fun and educational day out for the East Anglia area Mensans. It was, as you can see a very hot day and like the plants most of us wilted all too soon.
I would have liked to take many more photos but we were rushing round and didn't really have time.

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2010-07-25-0001 OK it's a bee in a tree
Well a bush actually but that doesn't rhyme.
2010-07-25-0002 Looking along the "Stream Gardens".
2010-07-25-0003 Janet reverses into a tree and is suitably embarrassed.
2010-07-25-0004 In the Systematic beds
2010-07-25-0005 ditto
2010-07-25-0006 ditto
2010-07-25-0007 Looking along the Main Walk
2010-07-25-0008 As before but without the flash (stoopid camera!)
2010-07-25-0009 It's a tree. We were told what sort but I forgot. The main point was it has several years of cones on the one branch.
2010-07-25-0010 Heading towards the fountains
2010-07-25-0011 and here they are
2010-07-25-0012 I have an Acer palmatum 'Dissectum Atropurpureum' in my garden and it is almost as big as that one.
2010-07-25-0013 and again without Marguerite walking in front.

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