After a rather long drive and a surprising "You can go now if you like" from Pentland Ferries I found myself on Orkney a day or two earlier than expected. Having not booked a bed for the night I was very grateful to find "The Inn" at St Mary's Holm. A very smart and well kept B&B that put me up for two nights as I wandered the length and breadth of the island looking at very old things.

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p5070001 Here is the aforementioned "The Inn". Shona and Mike will take very good care of you. Well they took very good care of me.
p5070212 Now one thing I always go looking for on holiday is a nice piece of ...
p5070213 Sadly I can't find any even though it was on the map.
p5070270 I was rather taken by this carpet of tiny blue flowers
p5070271 Cute aren't they. No idea what they are.
p5070279 One of the wonderful things about the islands is the roads. Must have been built by the Romans. Actually I wouldn't be surprised to learn they were built by Italian POWs during WW2 so built by Romans could be true.

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