MAESHOWE This world famous tomb was built before 2700bc. The large mound covers a stone built passage and a burial chamber with cells in the walls. Runic inscription tells how it was plundered by Vikings. There is also a shop nearby at Tormiston Mill. Well that's what it says in the Scottish Heritage brouchure. Sadly, although well maintained by Scotish Heritage the Cairn has lost all of its magic having been vandalised and rebuilt over many centuries. I have no photos of the inside of the tomb as it is forbidden to take photos. Although you can buy very expensive photos at the above mentioned shop.

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scan0015 The inside of MAESHOWE. Taken from the picture on the Scottish Heritage explorer pass. All copyright acknowledged but permission not sought.
p5080001 A view of the Cairn from the road
p5080002 This gives a feeling of the tourist trap the site has become.
p5080010 The path to the enterance
p5080011 These don't really give you a good idea of the depth of the ditch arround the cairn
p5080012 You can just get an idea of the scale with the folk in the background.
p5080013 OK tourist time. Board #1
p5080014 Board #2
p5080015 Board #3
p5080016 Looking back from the car park.

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