The Stones of Stenness and Barnhouse Village.

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p5070002 First view of these standing stones from the roadside.
p5070003 The obligatory tourist info boards.
p5070004 This shows the relative locations of other nearby sites. I note that we have the Ness of Brodgar which has upon it, although off this map, the Ring of Brogar. I wonder where the "d" went.
p5070009 Leaving behind the info boards you enter the circle. Note how common the sloping top is.
p5070010 Slabs show where (it is thought) other stones used to be.
p5070011 Oddly this is not in the centre of the circle. Nor is it on a cardinal compas point.
p5070012 I noticed that many of the circles had at least one stone of this shape. Clearly it has been made into this elbow form and it can not be co-incidence that they occur so often.
p5070013 Now. I'm 6ft 2in so you can get an idea of the size. This stone must be almost 20feet tall.
p5070014 Looking back at the circle from the far side.
p5070015 Looking over to the Watchstone.
p5070016 And the village comes into view.
p5070017 The main structure of the village.
p5070018 Another tourist board.
p5070019 and another.
p5070020 yet another.
p5070021 The main structure from a different angle.
p5070022 One of the smaller houses.
p5070023 I am intrigued by the large square hearths in each room. If they did indeed contain a fire then there is little or no room left for the occupants.
p5070024 Another view of the main house.
p5070025 And again hopefully showing the ditch and mound surrounding it.
p5070026 I wonder why the mound had this narrow part. Is it where the french windows went?
p5070027 A much closer view of the watchstone.

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