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p5070058 Skara Brae welcomes you.
p5070059 At a cost.
p5070060 Inside the reconstruction house.
p5070061 Inside the reconstruction house.
p5070062 Inside the reconstruction house.
p5070063 It is a short walk to the real site.
There are some tackky "going back in time" slabs set in the ground on the way.
p5070064 and here is the first sight of the site.
p5070065 first close up view once through the gate.
p5070066 As you can see the site has been given an extensive carpet of grass.
p5070067 I gues this is to help preserve it from weathering
p5070068 but it does give a sense of being at a gerden centre.
p5070069 You are obliged to keep to the footpaths from where you do get a view of each house and the explanations.
p5070070 it is, in fact, quite difficult to see how the village held together.
p5070071 that is how the people moved from room to room.
p5070072 this is probably because the houses are still burried and the gaps between are filled with sand.
p5070073 There is a guide to explain the current thinking about the site and how the people lived there.
p5070074 but as you might expect he tends to get monopolised.
p5070075 in fact, there is nothing much here except a few piles of stones and lots of grass.
p5070076 Don't ask about the traffic cone!
p5070077 you can see here how the footpath winds through the site
p5070078 The railing is where you get to see the famous dresser
p5070079 It's not so much a village as a medium sized house with several rooms.
p5070080 I found it hard to imaginge a group of families living here
p5070081 I suspect it was possibly more like a single extended family.
p5070082 I'm intrigued by the standing flag stones that, we are told, mark room boundaries. They no more divide the space than a chalk line would do.
p5070083 still it's a nice trip out on a sunny day like this was
p5070084 although it is next to the beach now this was not the case millenia ago when it was inhabited. This was an inland loch.
p5070085 The spit (mid right) shows where the headland connected to the far side.
p5070086 here again we see the flagstones stood on edge. You couldn't build on them. I think it is a modern interpretation and a wrong one at that.
p5070087 you get what I mean?
p5070088 now what would be the point of a small door like that?
p5070089 crazy paving on the driveway / patio?
p5070090 It must have been quite smelly!
p5070092 Those sand floors must have been a pain. Oh but wait; it wasn't by the sea.
p5070093 They would have had to crawl on their bellies to get through here.
p5070094 The signage for the famous dresser.
p5070095 and the dresser itself.
p5070096 secrit places
p5070097 a good example of how the modern preservation has intruded on the original site.
p5070098 you probably get the idea that I wasn't all that impressed.
p5070099 and you would be right.
p5070100 a view of one of those crazy oversized hearths.
p5070101 that is supposed to be a bed on the left.
p5070102 each room, sorry house, is numbered and these refer to the guide book.
p5070103 nooks and crannies
p5070104 as they built with stone I wonder how they spanned the roof.
p5070105 more nooks and crannies.
p5070106 the whole place is now a maze of disjointed spaces.
p5070107 I can't see any one building a wall there without some reason.
p5070108 although they did have remarkabley good chain making skils :-)
p5070109 a window, or a serving hatch?
p5070110 an explination of how the site was raped when it was first discovered.
p5070111 again only closer.
p5070112 a map of the site. some day I'l get round to marking each photo to place them on this map.
p5070113 The obligatory artist's impression.
p5070114 here is a better view of the headland. the spit was joined to the far headland and the enclosed loch was some half mile inland.
p5070115 today the sea is a constant threat and one day it will take it all away.
p5070116 looking right over the site. In the background (left) you can see the new visitor centre and (right) Skaill house where the original bishop chap lived.
p5070117 Now being invaded my a hoarde of furrin people.
p5070118 A final look.
p5070119 The fee includes entrance to Skaill house. Not as old and not much more interesting. Also "no photos allowed".

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