A little further down the road is the world famous Ring of Brodgar.

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p5070028 A little way along the road I get my first view of the Ring of Brodgar.
p5070029 A slightly closer view. Now you can see the Comet Stone that stands a little way off from the circle.
p5070030 The tourist info boards. Just read them.
p5070032 Here it states there may have been 60 stones. This is rather an odd number as it would point to a solar calendar with a 6 day week. I actually counted 52 using the remaining stones and filling in the gaps at equal distances. That makes a much more realistic 7 day week with 52 weeks in the year using a lunar cycle.
p5070038 The path from the car park is over very wet bog. Fortunately there is a raised wooden walkway.
p5070039 As I entered the circle I took this shot off to the left over the road and towards the loch.
p5070040 Here we have another of these elbow shaped stones. It is quite clear how it has been hacked into this shape.
p5070041 It may just be me but this looks like a standing man.
p5070042 I tried, and failed, to get photos to show the size of the ditch that surrounds the ring.
p5070043 It is deep enough that if I stood in the centre I could not see over the rim.
p5070044 The stones themselves are of impressive size although nowhere near as large at those at Stenness
p5070045 An admission of restoration elsewhere
p5070046 About 1/4 the way round and looking back to my point of entry.
p5070047 Looking across the centre towards the loch.
p5070048 Half way round and across the centre again to where I entered the ring. I would love to know what was (is) buried beneath that heather.
p5070049 A view to the loch from the half way point. Note the sloping tops of many of the stones.
p5070050 Now about 3/4 the way round
p5070051 Looking back across the centre.
p5070052 And back to my point of entry.on the right
p5070053 Almost all the way round now.
p5070054 A close up view of one of the stones
p5070055 This was the only one I found with graffiti.
p5070057 Heading back to the car park and I notice another small cairn here too.

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