The Broch of Gurness. An iron age village on the mainland of Orkney.

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scan0016 An aerial view of the Brough. Taken from the picture on the Scottish Heritage explorer pass. All copyright acknowledged but permission not sought.
p5070214 signage telling you where you are.
p5070215 and what it'll cost you to go see. (I went late in the evening and got in for free). No wait, I had bought an explorer pass so I had paid. Buggerit!
p5070216 and just so you know. Much of this is rebuilt.
p5070218 Not very roomy.
p5070219 nor comfy
p5070220 but as we move on we see the first of the defence ditches. These are really quite steep and deep.
p5070221 and here is the central building.
p5070222 another view of the ditches
p5070223 there are a great many of these tiny rooms.
p5070224 signage with some explination
p5070225 them ditches again.
p5070226 getting closer
p5070227 as you can see the ditches are actually walls covered with grass.
p5070228 I suspect that they are reconstructed.
p5070229 A view across the iron age town.
p5070230 more signage. The people in the picture would have to be about 3 feet tall. Perhaps the artist got it wrong?
p5070231 more signage. Aw now come on! that lintle is so low I had to duck and here we have some bod riding a horse through it!
p5070232 the rest as I had cut off the right hand text
p5070233 and again
p5070234 and again
p5070235 the main street to the centre. Again with the the edge on standing flagstones.
p5070236 some photos of both left and right as I walk along the street. This one left.
p5070237 right
p5070238 left
p5070239 right
p5070240 right
p5070241 right
p5070242 left
p5070243 left
p5070244 Looking through that lintle into the centre chamber. As you see I'm too tall to walk through.
p5070245 I can not imagine it as having two floors. But it does have steps.
p5070246 It also has a cellar.
p5070247 try as I might I can't get a good pic of what it's like down there.
p5070248 can't see if there's a room below or not.
p5070249 You can't get down because there is a grate covering it that I have poked the camera through.
p5070250 last try
p5070251 and inside the main chamber.
p5070252 a mostly broken wall. This is what makes me believe the standing flags (like the one in the right foreground) are a modern interpretation.
p5070253 the many iron bars show how it has been repaired to preserve it.
p5070254 On the right you can see the floor grate I was taking photos through before.
p5070255 the dry stone walls are so incongruous with the standing flags.
p5070256 I'm guessing it's a grind stone.
p5070257 a very steep stair. How very modern two staircases in such a small space.
p5070258 there is a passageway that runs all round inside the outside walls.
p5070259 although I wouldn't like to try and get through
p5070260 a door way into another room. O can't even get my head through never mind my body.
p5070261 back outside
p5070263 almost as good as the drystone walls in Yorkshire.
p5070264 there was clearly a plentyful supply of flat stones.
p5070265 after all this time it still stands firm.
p5070266 back over those bloody ditches / walls
p5070267 and looking back
p5070268 I suppose as a defence ditch it's OK.
p5070272 ah more signage. This time at the far end of the car park.
p5070273 Lovely view.
p5070274 if I could be arsed I'd name that bit of land over there.
p5070276 and looking back along the beach to the heritage centre building.

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