Day 6. I set out from Ullapool on a damp but cheerful morning. First along the A835 but soon turning off to follow an unclasified road signed "West Highland Costal Route"

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p5060008 Just before the turn off at Drumrunie there is a small tourist info layby.
p5060009 Clearly made for children it explains how the landscape was once covered with ice.
p5060010 Something that I expect happens every year !
p5060011 Still enough of lingering here off down the little windy road.
p5060012 To describe the views as anything other than awesome would be to belittle them
p5060013 Again the cloud is fairly low and the day overcast. But I don't care.
p5060014 As I stop to take pics at a car park overlooking Loch Lurgainn
p5060015 and at the foot of Stac Pollaidh. There were several climbers making ready to accend.
p5060016 I was more interested in this nearby stream
p5060017 and the flora that grew alongside.
p5060018 The snowdrops are still out!
p5060019 and making a good show for themselvs by the violets
p5060020 as well as the clover.
p5060021 Soon on the road and way up in the sky heading for Lochinver
p5060025 I made several stops just to take in the view.
p5060027 Looking over Loch Sionascaig at Cul Mor
p5060028 Later on along the B869 about 1m west of Rhicarn I found this nice little viewing point.
p5060030 and a carpet of daisies taking shelter under an overhang.
p5060031 an unnamed loch by the B869 just round the corner from ...
p5060032 ... Clashnessie Bay. (I don't make these names up you know).
p5060033 I think this might be Drumbeg.
p5060035 But I could be wrong.
p5060036 Oh yes I see it now. Drumbeg.
p5060037 Some fish farming and living in a box caravan
p5060038 They must be very hardy prople to eeke a living out here.
p5060039 I won't tell you about trying to get a photo of some flowers and falling arse over tit and sliding down a very wet and muddy embankment. But this is where I put clean troussers on.
p5060040 It is the carpark at the start of the road to the Cape Wrath foot ferry. No Idead what the monolith is for but it's new and not very interesting.
p5060041 but worth a couple of pics
p5060042 I never got to Cape Wrath as I had missed the last ferry of the day and was unable to get B&B to stay the night.
p5060043 I had a look round the D RNES VI Itor CENtRE where I was directed to Smoo cave
p5060044 It's here by the way.
p5060045 So Smoo cave.down a very steep set of steps cut into the cliff face you get down to sea level.
p5060046 There is a small pathway to keep your feet dry.
p5060047 It's d-dark and s-scary inside. There are no lights cos it's closed today (risk of flood). But when open a rubber dinghy will take you through the low cave opposite and into a much larger an impressive chamber. I know cos I read the book.
p5060048 The river comes in through the roof of the cave
p5060050 Just looking round the cave.
p5060052 Another hole in the roof.
p5060053 The way in from the inside.
p5060057 Across the entrance
p5060058 some flowers on the climb back up
p5060060 no idea what they are. erm yellow.
p5060063 A stampeeding elephant (hawkmoth caterpillar) climbing up the steps too.
p5060064 another one in the grass.
p5060065 Oh not flowers but varigated leaves that look like flowers. Very pretty

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