I had a very good sleep that night and rose to a very hearty breakfast. The host was very friendly but I did kinda wish he would go away and let me eat in peace!

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p5040001 Malaig is, of course, the end of the Scottish western line. So after I had booked myself onto the ferry I had a wander round.
p5040002 I have no idea what the gaelic rings are so don't ask.
p5040003 Hmmm, something odd about this train. That's it! showing red lights at both ends!
p5040004 but what do you expect if you employ bird brained drivers like this.
p5040007 Sittin on the dock of the bay
watchin the ships roll in.
p5040008 Now I did this ferry crossing once before in the 1980s. Then the cars had to be crained on and off the ship now it's a RORO ferry. The scenery, however, is as impressive as ever.
p5040009 Some day I may return and stay for more than just one night.
p5040010 Then I'll be able to see these hills close up.
p5040011 Now on the ferry. I think the captain is related to the train driver.
p5040012 Some don't need a ferry. They have their own water based trasport.
p5040013 There are about a million signs saying "TURN YOUR CAR ALARM OFF". So this guy at the head of the queue didn't. As a result the crossing was filled with his car alarm going off every time we hit a wave. It's a Merc so I guess that explains why the driver has no brane.
p5040014 I think this seal was enjoying the warmth of the ferry's exhaust or summat.
p5040015 Not too sure what this statue at the end of the harbour wall is about.
p5040016 but the devil in me thinks he's saying, "Come with me little girl and I'll show ye something to make your eyes pop out". Then I always was a suspicious type.
p5040017 bye bye Mallaig
p5040018 Looking along the Sound of Sleat.
p5040019 same again only this time you can see the low clouds chopping off the tops of the Knoydart hills.
p5040020 Armadale Bay.
p5040021 same but closer
p5040022 and even closer
p5040023 and I hope this thing has good brakes
p5040024 Now on Skye and along the A851. I stopped for a shot break and climbed the embankment to get shots over the top of the world.
p5040025 Last time I did this trip this was a single track road with passing places.
p5040026 Yeah, just like that. The old road is still there in places.
p5040027 It's pretty and wild up here. Really nice on a fine day like this one.
p5040028 There is, of course, mosses and lichens to be seen.
p5040029 Reindeer lichen and others
p5040030 A carpet of red green lichen on the granite rock.
p5040031 Much later in the day after lunch in Portree I headed round the "top" of the island. The A855. There are many of these ntersting rock formations caused by the core of a volcano being all that is left after time as taken it's course.
p5040032 I came across this and wanted so much to explore it but I am just too darn big to fit in.
p5040033 Reminds me of the things we made as kids.
p5040034 The entrance, by the red and white sign, is only about 3 feet high and less than two feet across. No way was I going to squeeze into that.
p5040035 A bog. At Kyle I needed to go and this place is so well kept I had to take photos.
p5040036 I wonder if the girls loo is as nice.
p5040037 No wonder they win prizes.
pic-0028 A view from the chippy window at Mallaig.

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