Day two saw me rise to a severe lack of both internet and phone signal. Oh what bliss. The plan today is head back Northwards taking in as many sights as I can and basicly chilling out. The first leg is from Southend to Campbeltown. I took the back road which doesn't have a number. In many parts it was just two strips of tarmac with grass growing between.

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p5020001 The views along this road were fantastic. I stopped here as my phone got a signal and a flood of messages came through from somebody who thought I was ignoring her. I was able to drive along here at < 10mph and I really got to hone my gear changing skills as much of the road was 1:4 or steeper and with hairpin bends. Lovely.
p5020003 Now I'm guessing that is the Isle of Arran across Kilbrannan Sound and to the far right the hills south of Ayr.
p5020005 I don't know why but even the grass seems greener.
p5020006 A better view of Arran. I must go back there someday. By now I'm well up the B842 between Campbeltown and Carradale
p5020007 I'm amazed that the road has been so well kept. There is much evidence of recent repair work.
p5020008 OK you can't see it too well but this is the first of many ovine road guards I encountered.
p5020009 Right time to stop for lunch and get weighed. Hey just hang on. I'm not that heavy!
p5020010 I was always fasenated by the weighbridge at Kearlsey UDC. Here, in Tarbert, the office has been converted to a gift shop.
p5020011 It's a pretty little harbour and you can P for free but it will cost 20p if you want to pee.
p5020013 Yes of course it rained. It's Scotland!
p5020014 I headed off down the Kilberry road B8024 as it's well off the beaten track. Well as far off as you can get in a road car. I think that is Jura across the Sound of Jura. But I could be wrong.
p5020015 The gorse was in good flower
p5020016 and there was lots of it.
p5020017 Well I'll leave it to you to work out where this is.
p5020019 I was expecting more than this. You know like scupltures by Henry Moore. Ah well.
p5020020 I suppose desecrated grave stones will do.
p5020029 Nice little layout they have though.
p5020030 another of the ovine road controlers
p5020031 Now I'm sure that's Jura.
p5020033 Definately Jura.
p5020034 But that is point of Knap
p5020035 I got to Kilmartin where there is a museum. These nice folk were giving a demonstration of flint knapping. Would you believe it? They're from King's Lynn!
p5020036 erm moving swiftly on
p5020037 I went to the isle of Seil. Here looking back at the bridge over the Atlantic. Of course it's really between the Firth of Lorne and Seil Sound but I guess they are part of the Atlantic.
p5020038 Looking towards Seil sound
p5020039 Just so we know where I am.
p5020040 what a trusting lot they are here.
p5020041 Mind you. There's nowt here I'd want to pinch anyway.
p5020042 Seil sound from the bridge
p5020043 looking towards the Firth of Lorn
p5020044 Aparenty these are rare flowers, Erinus Alpinus. (go back 5 pics and read the notice)
p5020047 Back on the mainland
p5020048 the isle of Seil and the car park past which few venture.
p5020049 OK I got to Oban and set off to find "that" chippy.
p5020050 But no harm in taking snaps of some nice sights as I go.
p5020051 I suppose if you drove into the water that would be harbouring a garrage.
p5020052 It's a WTF! a folly built by some rish dead bloke. I did get it's name but I forgot. McCaig's tower I think.
p5020053 Rather dominates the town

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