So after completing my contract at the Dunfermline Building Society, rather than just go home I chose to have a holiday. For this I was going to tour the west coast starting at the most southerly point and working slowly up to Cape Wrath. Then a week with friends on the Orkneys.

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p5010003 OK so I know it's bad but I tried to take pics while driving. Needs pratice! I was taken by this pretty cottage on the A83 near Succoth at the north end of loch Long.
p5010004 I tried to get a pic of loch Long. As you can see it was raining. Must find out how to manually set the focus on the camera!
p5010005 Still on the A83 and still loch Long.
p5010006 I'm guessing the blurry town is Ardmay. Must remember to wind the window down in future.
p5010007 Erm. trees and sky? I think I wanted to show the mountains rising through the clowds. I got this instead.
p5010008 A windscreen wiper blade, raindrops and a blurry view southards down loch long.
p5010009 they do get better.
p5010010 Still on the A83 now driving away from the loch and starting the climb to the rest and be thankful. Still focused on the wrong bit.
p5010011 I had to stop at roadworks part way up the hill. This stream looked pretty so I snapped it.
p5010012 The primroses grow everywhere at this time of year.
p5010013 Beinn an Lochain just past the rest and be thankful which was full of motorbikes.
p5010014 Looking across the end of the loch to show those rugged hills.
p5010015 and the road ahead. Still the A83.
p5010017 I just had to stop and take a nice closeup of the primroses. Just pulled over to the side of the road as it goes down loch Fyne.
p5010018 I believe these are some kind of violet but to me they're just pretty.
p5010019 pretty flowers
p5010020 a view of Inverary
p5010021 Loch Fyne as I exit Inverary. OK it's a wooden post.
p5010022 Looking across Loch Fyne. At least the fence is in focus.
p5010023 Hey I think I may be getting betterer.
p5010024 Another wooden post. Funny how you don't see things when you take the snap.
p5010025 Right. I must be in deepest darkest Scotland now cos the signs are in Gaelic first. This junction is in Lochgilphead.
p5010026 I'm sure I took other pics before this one! Ah well it's a home for dead caravans next to the pub I stayed in on my first night in the town of Southend which is at the most Southern tip of Kyntyre. I know it's out of the way as the TV in my room picked up TV stations from N Ireland.

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