The richest man ever (to date) was Andrew Carnegie who was born in Dunfermline. At an early age in a room with his mother. From the very tiny house that is now part of a museum to his memory to the founder of modern day philanthropy. Of course no mention is made that he made his money from steel. From the sweat of other men's brows. From digging his wealth from the ground and plundering the Earth's resources and putting little back in return. But that's what you'd expect now isn't it.

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p4100001 His father tried, and failed, to provide a living for his family from weaving.
p4100002 I don't know if this is the actual Jacquard loom used but it is nicely preserved.
p4100003 What you never see are the many hours it takes to set one of these things up.Each thread has to be passed through the guides one at a time.
p4100004 But the end result is superb
p4100005 The upstairs living and bed room. People think they have it rough now.
p4100006 The hearth for heat, light, hot water, cooking, burning rubbish.
p4100007 The beds are tiny. Only about 4feet (1.2m) long. I understand that it was normal to sleep in a sitting position.
p4100008 The bed where "he" was born. I suspect it's a re-construction.
p4100009 Mum's Sunday best outfit. My Nan had one just like it.
p4100011 Of course being a nosey git I had to push my camera up into the loft and see what is there. I guess it's a fire or smoke alarm
p4100012 Modern electric wiring. Does not fill me with confidence.
p4100013 Not with that screw completely failing to hold the cable in place.
p4100014 Next to the loom room was a very nice and working long case clock.

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