On the 27th of March I took a drive out to the West side of Scotland. OK not the FAR west but much more west than Dunfermline. I wandered along the non-motorway roads through Falkirk, Cumbernauld, Glasgow and Dumbarton before I thought to get my camera out. As I went through Hellensburgh I decided to see where the road (A814) went to and through.

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p3270056 Here in Dumbarton I stopped to reminisce. I went to the site of what used to be Hiram Walker. One of the computer installations I used to look after. It was the offices of Ballantines Whisky. I felt rather sad to see that all that remains is a very tatty half demolished site.
p3270057 It is quite an eyesore. I can not understand why this happens. It can not take that much more money to completely level the site and turn it into at least a tidy vacant lot.
p3270058 Instead we get these horrid railings and empty shells of buildings.
p3270059 After much driving I took a detour along the B833, just after Garelochhead. I note that Faslane is not marked on the map. I wonder why?
p3270060 I think we are still looking over Gare loch here. Which would make that Rhu on the far side.
p3270061 Looking over the Clyde towards Gourock and Greenock.
p3270064 Just past the small town of Kilcreggan I was startled to see this on the beach.
p3270065 I had to stop and take a closer look.
p3270066 Although I can't approve of this I did find it very cute.
p3270068 Ah King Tut-tut.
p3270069 I don't know what it says.
p3270071 The weather turned as I headed to the end of the A814 and drove along the A83 to Ardgarten
p3270072 Where I stopped to look at this wooden eagle
p3270074 and these erm otters (or maybe beavers)
p3270075 The road heads off over that hill
p3270076 up and up
p3270077 and up
p3270078 and down to the rest and be thankfull pass.
p3270079 Some miles further on, I was moving fairly fast because of the rain, down the west side of loch Fyne I came to this pretty town of Inverary
p3270080 Where I stopped to look round the jail
p3270081 It's not a jail now but has been restored to full tourist trap conditions.
p3270082 The very lifelike courtroom where people were handed down harsh sentences for minor crimes by toffee nosed judges.
p3270083 A very plausible witness.
p3270084 A dozy judge
p3270085 A bored jury (note 15 to a Scottish jury)
p3270088 I stayed for the entire audio loop that lasts almost 20mins. It's quite interesting. No really. It is.
p3270089 In the "new prison" are reconstructions of things like this whipping table.
p3270091 instructions on how to be a sadistic bastard.
p3270093 I always thought there was something I didn't like about taxmen.
p3270094 They didn't like the look of me so I got banged up for almost a minute.
p3270095 The quayside of Inverary looking North along loch Fyne. You wouldn't believe how many businesses made puns on the word Fyne. Fyne foods, Fyne blinds, Fyne removals ... Blerghhhh!

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