One day I felt the need to go and visit the most remote railway station in the UK. No not Lowestoft but Rannoch. It is at the end of an 18 mile "no through" road.

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pic-0005 Is this another "sat nav" gone wrong incident I wonder?
pic-0006 No it's a special road and rail maintenance vehicle.
pic-0007 Just to prove I was there
pic-0008 The flowers, curtains and lamp in the windows are in fact drawn on the glass.
pic-0009 Slightly better (or worse) view.
pic-0010 You are here. As if any one could be here by accident!
pic-0011 Nearby is a very pretty stream that feeds into Rannoch loch
pic-0013 Yes, that loch over there behind my car. The white stuff on the ground is snow.
pic-0015 As you can see 14th March and the loch is still frozen.
pic-0016 A very brave tree stands alone by the car park.
pic-0017 I think the wind blows mostly from the right.

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