I made more than one trip to Edinburgh as as the year wore on more things were open for me to go and play at.

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p2210035 Here we have a view of the castle from the top of the camera obscura.
p2210036 and a view over to the Forth.
p2210037 and to the east
p2210038 and to the observatory and the shame (a local name for the unfinished colonnade).
p2210039 The Scot monument. I've been up that. It's scary!
p2210040 No Spitting!
p2210041 I said ... Oh go on then.
p2210042 The actual camera obscura itself
p2210044 A view down the royal mile
p2210045 The exhibition has a number of humorous erm exhibits.
p2210048 My mind looks like this all the time.
p2210050 This is why I'm so smart. I have two heads.
p2210051 Fancy a trip to the loo?
p2210052 Ahhh, that's better.
p2210053 The moon has got stuck on the church spire.
p2210054 Well almost.
pic-0002 Over near the playhouse I'm glad to see the dreadful "kinetic art" that used to adorn the roundabout has long gone and is replaced by these much nicer giraffes.

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