This is a temp* folder. A friend asked us to take as many photos as possible as she couldn't go to Zia's wedding. Sadly most of the shots are blurred as I didn't have the flash turned on. Well, HEY! I never claimed to be a photographer!.
* Ok so it's ended up permanent. It happens.

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pa030001 As we got in nice and early we selected a back seat with what we hoped would be a good view of the action. Here we see the stage is set for the first act.
pa030002 The band arrive to tune up and get the amps warmed up. The Girlie in red is one of the ministers who will later conduct part of the service.
pa030003 The groom tests the ground for any booby traps or trap doors.
pa030004 Through here will enter the bride. I say this because the organ struck up and we all stood up. But it was a false alarm and no bride appeared so we all sat again.
pa030005 Groom asking his mum if he was doing the right thing. Too late mate!
pa030006 This time the bride did appear but she was all blurred from the night before.
pa030007 Must have been a good night cos the bride's maids were also a bit blurry. (Notice that it can not be the fault of my camera or my ability to take photos. It's them not standing stil long enough)!
pa030008 Whooooooooosssshhhhhhh
pa030009 Running up the aisle
pa030010 Stand up and mill arround.
pa030011 Act 1. The groom is captured by his own words.
pa030012 Didn't the Earth move for you?
pa030013 Maybe it was a small local earthquake.
pa030014 Shake hands
pa030015 You can let go now!
pa030016 End of act 1.
pa030017 In case you hadn't noticed there is a blue theme.
pa030018 Act II. Ringing the bride.
pa030019 Will it fit?
pa030020 Act II, Scene II. Ringing the groom
pa030021 The powers of darkness did decend.
pa030022 Eugh! There's kissing!
pa030023 end of Act II
pa030024 Act III. The lady speaks and says lots of words.
pa030025 No really lots of words
pa030026 Take note of the guy in yellow, The guy in grey and the child in pink. They play a big part later.
pa030027 Intermission. The band plays. and Zoe (the bride's sister) sings. She's the one in the middle.
pa030028 and in the dress.
pa030029 they all jump up and down.
pa030030 and blur as they use the transporters.
pa030031 It was a nice song if a bit long.
pa030032 Another lady speaks words.
pa030033 Then does a tap dance.
pa030034 The bride's parents say how happy they are to lose a daughter gain a wonderful new son.
pa030035 They stand still to prevent blurring.
pa030036 End of Act III. Exit stage right pursued by a bear.
pa030037 The bride asks, "Just what did you mean by 'endow'"?
pa030038 No really. What is this big endowment you mentioned? Is it an insurance policy for the mortgage?
pa030039 I wonder if they know?
pa030040 Take note of the prophetic words writ on the wall, top left.
pa030041 I thought this was cute.
pa030042 The escape waggon
pa030043 OK! The escape Morris.
pa030044 By the door. General milling about - begin
pa030045 milling about, milling about, milling about
pa030047 mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine,
pa030048 We never expected the Spanish Inquision a sit down meal. On the poor people's table you will see Lorna next to the man in yellow. The man on grey will soon arrive and sit next to him. Also there, were John and Natalie and the ikkle girl in pink who got a funny mark on her forehead from a butterfly. I am ignoring the "death stare" from woman in blue with black cardigan.
Edit. A week later at a local car boot sale I heard my name being called. At first I ignored it thinking it to be a co-incidence, but it turned out to be ikkle girl being forced to sell all of her stuff helped by mum and dad. I feel kinda sheepish now cos I can't remember her name.
pa030049 Ahhhh, nobody new my full name so I remain the man of mystery.
pa030050 She, of course, is known as she is the long time friend of the bride.
pa030051 The blue roses were very nice. Locally grown too I believe.
pa030052 people.
pa030053 The next table also had people.
pa030054 as did that one.
pa030055 The couple. One looks happy. One looks nervous.
pa030056 BALLOONS!
pa030057 Filled with water to get those who sit below.
pa030058 The bride visits the poor on the lower table.
pa030060 and has her head replaced with a flower.
pa030061 The bride's sister again. I'm not quite sure how to describe that expression.
pa030062 On the low table was Natalie.
pa030063 On the higher table were some people
pa030064 I think they were expecting things to get a bit wild. Why else would they mention about breakages next to the wedding gifts.
pa030065 Wedding gifts. Mainly empty boxes wrapped in pretty paper.
pa030066 Sossiges! The food provided was Sausage and mash with an onion gravy and vagetables. There was an alternative of baked potato. What I had.
pa030067 Oh and a bowl of sour cream.
pa030068 The queueueueueue for food.
pa030069 What it looked like before getting eaten.
pa030070 What mine looked like.
pa030071 Well really! Some people. I think you're only supposed to take one glass.
pa030072 I can haz many drinks coz I wearz a grey soot.
pa030073 Ohhhh Camera envy.
pa030074 The bride's dad speaks of his ikkle girl.
pa030075 No secret is left untold.
pa030076 The groom forgets to thank every body and has to do it again properly!
pa030077 The prince of darkness comes again.
pa030078 The best man, aka grooms ikkle bro, dishes the dirt along with photos.

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