On Saturday the 22nd August 2009 Ann-marie Brenchley married David Murry at the Barn Function Centre, Cattle Country Berkley. It was a grand day out and it should go without saying that the bride was quite beautiful.

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p8220045 Of course, as we wait we have the compulsory photo of the backs of the heads of the people in front.
p8220046 The groom awaits his fate, looking relaxed and calm
p8220047 And here comes the bride. Maybe I should have been closer to the back. As you would expect ...
p8220049 ... The camera is so slow that by the time it was ready for a second shot the bride had passed by.
p8220053 During the service we are reminded that boys will be boys. Running about is required activity.
p8220054 and over there the mother of the bride gets chatted up by the best man.
p8220057 The new Mrs Dave gets ready to drag her trophy back down the aisle.
p8220058 And off they go.
p8220059 Wondering what she has forgotten, but it's too late now. You've already signed the book.
p8220060 The father of the bride, my long time pal Bob, watches as his pride and joy walks off with another man.
p8220061 The mother of the bride (Rose) looks quite happy (if a bit grainy)
p8220062 All right you 'orrible lot. General milling about ... begin!
p8220063 There was a very nice looking child catcher fish pond in the garden.
p8220065 Just to prove a point it is possible to take a photo of Bob which is not blurred.
p8220066 Rose! Surprise!
p8220067 I wonder what they've been up to in there?
p8220068 I've not got a good clear photo yet but I will keep trying!
p8220069 Meanwhile the fish pond is still child free.
p8220071 Ann-marie explains to her admirers why none of them were chosen to be her husband.
p8220072 The general milling about continues, shortly followed by ...
p8220074 ... the Hokey Cokey. She puts her right leg in ...
p8220076 There will be cake!
p8220077 Oh yes. There WILL be cake!
p8220078 Caaaaaaaake!
p8220079 A promise of siting down and talking to people we don't know.
p8220080 That fish pond really isn't at all good at catching children is it.
p8220081 No! Still not got any.
p8220082 Looking a little stunned. The groom wanders over to find some cover.
p8220083 and now he stands quietly behind the low planter thinking no one can see him.
p8220084 No. Still not got any!
p8220085 The bride asks her father "Why are you chatting up the bride's maid"?
p8220086 Ah! At last I have a nice picture of the bride.
p8220088 and another with that chap she's just caught.
p8220089 See, he tried to make a run for it but she held on.
p8220090 The family. In order to save on any painful stuff the man came with a ready assembled family.
p8220091 Go on son! One last chance for someone to fall in the pond.
p8220092 Oh just look at the mess on the floor. Some one will have to clean that up you know.
p8220094 I think this young man is called Patrick. He was silly enough to ask me a question.
p8220095 Dancing in the dark
p8220096 Honest there is dancing going on ... over there ... somewhere
p8220098 It's the last picture. I can't think of any more comments.

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