Sometimes when it rains we get a couple of "nice" water features here.

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p6120003 There is a pretty waterfall in front of the house over the road.
p6120004 and there is the car wheel wash lake outside my house.
p6120005 Which is caused by this blocked drain. Notice that it has "stuff" growing out of it.
p6120006 It's only a shallow lake but it goes far. When I'm in an evil mood I enjoy watching people trying to walk past without getting soaked by passing cars.
p6120007 I'm sure that one day it will flow all the way up my drive way to flood the house.
2011-10-24-0087 A stone plaque that shows past flood events in Norwich
2011-10-24-0088 Note how the level of the pavement has now risen above the flood level of 1772.

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