These are some pictures from our travels to the isle of Sanday and of the beauty that we
found when we got there. We went to visit Beff and Steve who live there (lucky buggers). I dead jealous.

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2008-04-14-0040 It's behind you! Having a look back at Gills Bay from the ferry.
2008-04-14-0041 A stunning view again from the ferry.
2008-04-14-0042 We were blessed with the ideal weather for sailing from Gills Bay to St Margret's.
2008-04-14-0043 They forgot to attach the "sailor's speak" glossary to the sign so that people could understand
what on earth they are talking about.
2008-04-14-0044 The Italian chapel. A beautiful building and so well maintained despite being in the middle of
2008-04-14-0045 Such a shame that such a beautiful and peaceful building was used for something so horrible.
2008-04-14-0046 Despite the nature of their comfinement the POW's spirit still shines through.
2008-04-14-0047 Here I am a little windswept posing for this photo. For some reason there is a shadow cast on
my face that makes me look like I am wearing a Phanton of the Opera style mask.
2008-04-14-0048 Me, admiring the scenerey.
2008-04-14-0049 I know that it is hard to believe but this is not actually stonework, it is a painting. It looks so
real. I had to feel it before I could believe that it was not stone.
2008-04-14-0050 We spent quite a bit of time in here marveling at all the paintings around us. The atmosphere in
the chapel was very peaceful and relaxing.
2008-04-14-0051 Though there were pamphlets and information for you to read they managd to strike the
balance with being a place of worship and catering for tourist's desire for information.
2008-04-14-0052 Again paintwork and not stone despite looking so much like stone.
2008-04-14-0053 Simply stunning.
2008-04-14-0054 Shinning light even into the darkest of corners.
2008-04-14-0055 It is heartwarming to see such work so wonderfully preserved.
Like all the other walls in the chapel, it's a painting.
2008-04-14-0056 Nature, my favourite artwork. Sheep roaming free as they shoud and sea the colour that it
should be.
2008-04-14-0057 It was easy to just stand there and gaze at the beautiful environment that we were in.
2008-04-14-0058 Me, admiring the scenery.
2008-04-14-0059 Everything is as it should be. Nature still rules in this corner of the world.
2008-04-14-0061 A rather odd place to find a totem pole but lovely all the same.
2008-04-14-0062 Lorna, pleased to discover that she is not seasick on the Kirkwall to Sanday ferry.
2008-04-15-0001 Gently lapping waves, very relaxing.
2008-04-15-0005 Scenes like this often make me wish we were still cavemen.
2008-04-15-0007 Me, trying to look like I know where we are going.
2008-04-16-0014 Most evenings the dogs go for a walk along the beach. I know it can't be seen from any of my photos but this beach is actually at the bottom of the garden.
2008-04-16-0015 It's a great place for the dogs to run and exercise. Steve and Beff seem to like it too.
2008-04-16-0016 Did I mention it's quite a big beach?
2008-04-16-0017 I know I'm a bit odd but I was stunned by the vivid green-ness of these seaweeds.
2008-04-16-0020 At times the sea is so calm that you would believe it was possible to walk over to the next island.
It isn't!
2008-04-17-0022 We drove, because we're dead lazy, to what I think may be the most Easterly point on Sanday and just chilled out there soaking in the raw beauty of the place.
2008-04-18-0025 Treacle the cat not looking very amused.
2008-04-18-0026 Lulu looking a bit blurry.
2008-04-18-0029 Teddy not altoghether sure about this photo taking lark.
2008-04-18-0030 Lucy wondeing if the contents of the bag are for her.
2008-04-18-0031 Griff doing his adorable impression.
Somehow Suzy managed to avoid a close up photo.
2008-04-18-0032 Treacle doing a good job of ignoring us.
2008-04-18-0033 The beautiful house where we were staying with two equally beautiful friends.
2008-04-18-0034 Of course, our mates couldn't get away without having their picture took close up, even if Beff does think she can hide behind Steve.
2008-04-18-0035 A closer look at the totem pole. We stopped here to scoff sarnies and admire the view on our way back to St Margret's Bay.
2008-04-19-0036 Possibly the most northery public telephone box is this at John o'Groats. Sadly the door came off as it gets a bit windy at times.
2008-04-19-0037 Most northerly point of mainland Britian done
2008-04-19-0038 We stopped off at Aviemore on the way South. The car park had an information notice but someone decided that the information was to valuable to share.

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