During 2008 I worked for a short time at Dunfermline. During that time Lorna came to visit and we "did" Edinburgh.

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2008-01-26_1332 Sight seeing in Edinburgh is classed by some as an extreme sport.
2008-01-26_1336 Just when you though you couldn't go UP any more.
2008-02-29-0025 Of course I did travel back to civilisation Norwich and one day caught the sunrise over the Northumberland National Park. It looked like the hills were on fire and these snaps do not do it justice.
2008-04-12-0028 In the wee chapel at the top of Ediburgh castle.
2008-04-12-0029 A view of Princess Street from the castle.
2008-04-12-0030 and again with the zoom to get the Scot monument. I've been up that and it's scary.
2008-04-12-0031 More views of Edinburgh from the castle.
2008-04-12-0034 Oh no, those spammers get every where!
It was actually a WWII display.
2008-04-12-0035 And now we have climbed down we look back and think, "Gee that's a long way up".
2008-04-12-0038 What? Erm. Well, you see the streets are not paved with gold.
2008-04-12-0039 I think this was some street culture.

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