Nothing special just some paganey type things that happened.

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06-05-07_1419 The Maypole before we got it all twisted.
21-06-07_0433 Watching the sunrise at 04:33 21/6/07.
21-06-07_0434 The happy faces of others who were there
22-07-07_1559 I found this burial cairn while I was in Cardiff.
22-07-07_1600 OK it wasn't lost but you know what I mean.
22-12-07_2122 At the Yule party at Rod & Rue's on the 22nd.
22-12-07_2123 How can anyone not love Lise?
25-11-07_1414 In November I saw these mushrooms. I do like 'shrooms.
25-11-07_1431 Not a fungus but a parasite. Mistle toe grows like a weed over Bristol way.
26-10-07_1645 Look! I got a leaf in free fall. (OK it was on a spider's web).
lise The loverly Lise. She's such a shiny happy person.

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