These are just some randome pics of the family taken during 2007.
There's nothing much to see here so you may as well move along.

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18-08-07_2030 this is my mum relaxing at Marion's on Aug bank hol 2007.
26-12-07_1728 Marion relaxing on boxing day.
26-12-07_1729 Lorna relaxing on Boxing day
26-12-07_1730 Mum relaxing on Boxing day (can you see a theme here?)
26-12-07_1731 Look a crimble tree. Lets be festive.
28-12-07_0947 Or try out our new camera
scrabble I do not cheat at scrabble by hiding spare tiles up my nose or in my beard. OK!
p5260001 A couple of dreadful mugshots
p5280003 Dn't ask me where Lorna had been on May 28th 2007, but she got some paint on her face.

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