During 2006 I had the joy(?) of working in Cardiff for several months. Of course, I wasn't chained to my desk and was able to get out and see some of the sights of the area.

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11-08-07_1134 Well How can a Dr Who fan go to Cardiff and not visit Torchwood eh?
13-11-07_1419 Not all the nice views were outside.
13-11-07_1420 Course, it depends on what *you* like I suppose.
16-09-07_1237 Despite feeling really ill at this time I went for a day trip out to Worm's Head on the 16th Sep
I would like to return when I am feeling better.
16-09-07_1304 This is the view from a cafe I ate at.
There was something going on on the beach but I couldn't tell what.
16-09-07_1308 The road down to Worm's head.
16-09-07_1310 The same beach as before but from further down the road.
16-09-07_1334 Now I can see Worm's Head. I just didn't feel up to walking that far.
16-09-07_1335 Mainly as I knew I would have to walk back up this far.
19-09-07_1901 Back at the offices of the PBS a few days later and some marketing guy thought this would raise morale. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!
worms_head This is a comercial shot of Worm's Head. Shows it much better than I can.

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