My friends Rod and Rue invited me to join them and some other friends at another friend's house for a Beltaine celebration. Much food and wine was consumed as well as some maypole dancing, bonfire burning and, of course, what pagans do best; sitting about and talking.

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2007-05-06-0180 Note the ram's horns on top of the pole.
2007-05-06-0186 You face this way and you face that, pass to the left then to the right.
2007-05-06-0188 Getting the hang of it.
2007-05-06-0189 Failry relaxed
2007-05-06-0190 Getting a little tight for the taller person
2007-05-06-0191 CRASH!. Traffic jam to the left.
2007-05-06-0192 Sorted.
2007-05-06-0194 Almost done
2007-05-06-0195 Not bad for a first go.
2007-05-06-0196 The drum to which they danced
2007-05-06-0197 I just couldn't show you how messy it got during the unwinding.
2007-05-06-0198 We all like a good fire.
2007-05-06-1419 The maypole before we danced round it

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