Early in 2007 I went to Bletchley park with a group of mensans.
Like all mensans we didn't keep together and didn't form a group. But we still had a right good time.

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2007-04-22-0119 Where it mostly happened, apperantly
2007-04-22-0121 Lots of nicely preserved cars in the old garage.
2007-04-22-0127 Now that's what a "real" computer should look like. Collosus rebuilt.
lots of valves and relays and paper tape and flashy lights.
2007-04-22-0128 A surviving part of the circuit diagram. You may be able to make out an astable multivibrator and following amplifier used as a clock and driver. (or maybe I'm not supposed to know that).
2007-04-22-0129 I was made to feel very old at this exhibt as we used to have a lot of these in the house when I was a child.
2007-04-22-0133 Look out! It's a bombe. No not a boom bomb but one of the marvelous mechanical devices that Alan Turing designed to break the enigma codes.
2007-04-22-0134 Just a pretty holly bush in the garden.
2007-04-22-0136 Yeah right so come and arrest me!
2007-04-22-0137 Seeing as I did all the driving I can't see why she's so tired.

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