I was very lucky to get this place to stay while I was working in Dublin. Norah's place as I called it was a new bungalow with a very nice self contained one bed flat annexed at the end. While I had initial worries because of the closeness of the airport and this being under the flight path I soon became used to the sound of the planes and didn't notice them at all.

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norah_house This photo was taken as the plane came into land. As you see the house is right beneath. Apart from this it is a very quiet and peaceful place. Possibly because it is between two huge cemeteries.
2006-01-01-0005 My part of the house is on the left.
2006-01-01-0006 It was suggested that I may prefer to sleep in the shed but I declined.
2006-01-01-0007 The main room. Although not overly furnished it had all that I needed. A place to lay my head after a hard day at work.
2006-01-01-0008 For some reason even the cobwebs looked nicer here.
2006-01-01-0012 Sometimes, hanging my washing out in the early morning mist didn't get them dry.
2006-09-17-0010 The flora in this area also appeared to take on a magical quality. Something as simple as berries on a plant just had to looked at.
2006-09-17-0011 While here I got quite interested in mushrooms. I'm not brave enough to try eating any but I can see why ancient people thought them magical. The garden had a huge variety over the months.
2006-09-17-0014 At the bottom of the garden was a stream and over that this great apple tree Now if only I'd had a cider press.
2006-09-17-0017 There were neighbours but they were some way off.
2006-11-11-0033 I watched this inkcap grow from a tiny stalk to a great white open capped fungus before Sean went and cut the grass and chopped it down
2006-11-14-0005 Now clearly in its inky phase from which it got its name.
2006-11-19-0010 I don't know what type of plant this is but it's pretty
2006-11-19-0011 the walk along the road to the house.
2006-11-19-0012 and again
2006-12-03-0015 Near the end of my stay Norah got some puddy cats. Say "Awwwww"
2006-12-03-0021 It was they who got to sleep in the shed.

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