It was in the summer of 2006 that I went for a interview at Norwich Union in Dublin. A city I had only before visited as a child. My first night there was something of a surprise as the hotel that I booked into, using a last minute internet service, turned out to be a themed hotel based on movies. Quite interesting as I am, elsewhere, a member of a movies group.

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p1010016 The room was nice and large with a big bouncey bed.
p1010020 I was in the John Kavanagh room
p1010022 The room had an interesting view
p1010026 The street outside was failry typical although I did notice a lack of litter. A clean and tidy lot these Dubliners.
p1010029 The view across the street is also typical. There would seam to be a frenzy of building everywhere in the city.
p1010030 More building in the distance.
p1010031 Oh and, of course, the hotel itself, which is the ex-cinema.
p1010032 There was a lot of movie memorbilia in the foyer.
p1010039 And at last, here we have Rose Marie. The agent from Brightwater who was to be my contact with the company. Here we relax and have a chat and a coffee before the interview.

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