Most of these photos were taken when my wife came to stay with me as she also got a job with Norwich Union there for three months. We had many happy and fun times there.

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2006-01-01-0001 You can never get lost in Dublin. Just head for the spire.
2006-01-01-0002 Or the farting bunny
2006-01-01-0003 Never did find out what this was
2006-01-01-0004 I stayed here for a week
2006-07-30-0050 I managed to get some ariel shots comming into Dublin airport.
2006-07-30-0053 This is the first of the two graveyards in Balgriffen
2006-07-30-0054 and this the second. You can see the house where I stayed in the lower part of the photo
2006-08-05-0002 Of course, I had to do the James Joyce walking tour which ended up at the location of the cabman's shelter.
2006-08-05-0004 The others who came on the walking tour.
2006-08-11-0005 Amber in the making.
2006-08-12-0008 Molly Malone gathers a crowd
2006-08-12-0010 St Stephen's church at the top of the hill
2006-08-12-0011 and again
2006-08-12-0012 and again
2006-08-12-0013 and again
2006-08-12-0014 and again
2006-08-12-0015 big church isn't it!
2006-08-12-0016 still the same church
2006-08-12-0020 Oh look it's not a church
2006-08-12-0021 one of the many farting bunnies
2006-08-12-0022 A nicely disguised mobile phone mast
2006-08-13-0023 Some daft woman
2006-08-13-0024 The viking stone thing which marks the centre of the old city of Dublin when it was called something else
2006-08-13-0026 And there's Molly again with not as much of a crowd but a nasty bit of glare from the camera flash
2006-08-13-0027 dunno who that is
2006-08-13-0028 but I love that woman
2006-08-13-0029 Molly is just out of shot to the right
2006-08-13-0030 bussing round Dublin
2006-08-13-0032 I think this is a stature of Parnell at the top of O'Connel street but I wouldn't like to put money on me being right.
2006-08-13-0033 Positivly no parking on this road day or night.
2006-09-01-0034 St Stephen's gardens
2006-09-16-0001 I don't know who this is a statue of but we went past it every morning on the way to work. We were intrigued by it because the poor chap has lost his head.
2006-09-16-0002 All the inscriptions were in Galic so I don't know what they say
2006-09-16-0009 bum
2006-09-20-0018 heads
2006-09-23-0020 Wheeeeeeee
2006-09-23-0022 It's quite amazing what you can get at the UCI cinemas in Tallaght
2006-09-29-0001 boobies at the airport where we had this nice view for several hours.
2006-10-07-0002 Please note how this gate is kept locked and secure at all times to prevent any entry.
2006-10-07-0003 Oh. Whoops!
2006-10-08-0004 Lorna being terrorised by a sales person who sold her loads of beauty treatments but none of them worked.
2006-10-27-0100 As a parting gift from her work collegues Lorna was given this beautiful bunch of flowers. Of course she could take them home as you can't take anything onto a plane these days.
2006-11-04-0001 A pretty building on the banks of the Liffey
2006-11-04-0003 Street art or a street bench. You decide.
2006-11-04-0004 What we all want to do
2006-11-04-0005 I was trying to get a photo of the green building at the end of the street.
2006-11-04-0006 yes that one
2006-11-04-0007 musical street names
2006-11-04-0008 niiiice
2006-11-04-0012 just people milling about in temple bar
2006-11-04-0014 niiiice
2006-11-04-0019 it's the elephant and castle
2006-11-04-0020 niiice but probably underage
2006-11-04-0023 niiice
2006-11-04-0024 niiice
2006-11-04-0025 niiice
2006-11-04-0027 very niiice
2006-11-04-0028 cute. follow the horse shoes into the cafe.
2006-11-04-0032 bum
2006-11-11-0035 see not lost at all
2006-11-11-0037 had to get a shot of the LUAS coming
2006-11-11-0038 and going
2006-11-11-0040 bum
2006-11-11-0041 a naked person
2006-11-11-0042 cute chinese girl who flashed her tits smile at me and gave me a once over but blew it all when she said my kiddelies were not balanced from just taking my pulse.
2006-11-11-0043 It gets dark at night
2006-11-18-0009 Santa comes a month early for the good boys and girls of Claire Hall
2006-12-03-0022 Sunlight chambers. It always puzzled me that only the children in the freize were naked.
2006-12-04-0935 This is Joe. One of the few good guys in management.
2006-12-07-1320 The Garda had to keep an eye on this place to keep the riff raff out so I could have my post work meal there.
2006-12-08-1704 It was a busy office, but very friendly.
2006-12-17-0062 The O'Connel Street xmas tree but wait look closer ...
2006-12-17-0063 ... it's almost dead. I think they forgot to water it.

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