Now as I had stayed until the end of the year I got invited to the xmas do. My friends know I don't "do" xmas but I took this as a sort of farewell party.

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2006-12-20-0085 Oh my what a big arse I have.
2006-12-20-0086 It's no wonder the floor creaked when I walked over it.
2006-12-20-0087 This is Joe next to Una. He was my line manager and she is his. Two very nice people.
2006-12-20-0088 No I was photographing the ring not her chest! Honest!
2006-12-20-0089 I dunno. The camera just went off.
2006-12-20-0090 And here's Tom and erm Oh dear I really should update these things sooner.
2006-12-20-0091 This place has a larger beer bottle collection than I do!
2006-12-20-0092 Damn! She moved.
2006-12-20-0093 Now this'll be Orla and erm not sure Leah?
2006-12-20-0095 No that's Leah.
2006-12-20-0096 So who is this?
2006-12-20-0097 Joe doesn't know.
2006-12-20-0098 Tam doesn't know
2006-12-20-0099 God doesn't know. Actually it was a very ornate ceiling. Trust me to notice.
2006-12-20-0105 Joe puzzles over a puzzle.
2006-12-20-0109 Shock Horror! Nev grabs pretty lady for photo opportunity!
2006-12-20-0111 Always well behaved ladies.

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