There was also a mensa lunch at Wynn's hotel. Where some of us met and ate. This was also my last time to be with any of these people who made such an impact on both mine and Lorna's lives while we were in Dublin.

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2006-12-17-0067 What is that climbing up Shammi's leg?
2006-12-17-0068 Yes Paul I'm talking to you.
2006-12-17-0069 Fiona and John looking at sheets of paper. Possibly with words on but I can't be sure.
2006-12-17-0070 munch munch chomp gobble chew munch burrrrp yum
2006-12-17-0071 No time for talk just eat!
2006-12-17-0072 Plates were cleaned by all
2006-12-17-0073 who's that?
2006-12-17-0074 Now there's a couple of marshmellows we'd all like to sink our teeth into.
2006-12-17-0076 Oh yum
2006-12-17-0077 Oh yum!
2006-12-17-0079 Time to pay!
2006-12-17-0080 and check the change
2006-12-17-0084 All your napkin holders belong to me!

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