While in Ireland we went to Donegal because the mother in law was born near there in a small town called Stranorlar. We stayed a couple of days at a small B&B.

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2006-10-20-0013 Of course, after the long long bus journey we needed something to eat.
2006-10-20-0014 A very funky pinkish church.
2006-10-20-0016 This painting is made from a mozaic of smaller paintings.
2006-10-20-0017 Even the water meter covers are pretty over in Donegal
2006-10-20-0018 See I said it was a pink church
2006-10-20-0022 An interesting shop display.
2006-10-20-0023 Not very clear but there's a small car hanging over the shop doorway.
2006-10-20-0024 An old old Bedford van
2006-10-21-0025 Yet more funky water meter covers
2006-10-21-0027 I think that may be a castle over there but the photo is taken in the centre of town.
2006-10-21-0028 On the road to Stranorlar. Notice the pratt driving in the service lane.
2006-10-21-0029 Scenery
2006-10-21-0030 More scenery
2006-10-21-0031 A shop in Stanorlar
2006-10-21-0032 A stripey house on the main street
2006-10-21-0033 See I said it was the main street
2006-10-21-0034 Where the old folk go
2006-10-21-0035 Just a shot of the main street. Even here there's lots of traffic
2006-10-21-0036 Looking back up the hill
2006-10-21-0038 Some daft woman got into the shot. I took her back to the hotel and kept her.
2006-10-21-0039 Pretty pub
2006-10-21-0040 small church
2006-10-21-0041 big house
2006-10-21-0042 They have tourists?
2006-10-21-0047 The local chinkie.
2006-10-21-0048 The local party HQ
2006-10-21-0049 It's that woman again trying to see what was in the camera
2006-10-21-0050 dead diesel pump
2006-10-21-0051 pretty pub
2006-10-21-0052 dead petrol pump
2006-10-21-0053 yellow shop and that woman again
2006-10-21-0054 pub from the other side
2006-10-21-0055 They kill people at just before 7:25pm.
2006-10-21-0057 nice church
2006-10-21-0058 cool baby shop. note the paintings above the windows.
2006-10-21-0059 and in case you're wondering the petrol prices are in Euro not Pounds.
2006-10-21-0060 Scenery
2006-10-21-0062 Mushrooms
2006-10-21-0065 red cap mushrooms. Something will have a bad tummy after eating those.
2006-10-21-0067 I think this may be a small "trumpet of death"
2006-10-21-0068 Another mushroom.
2006-10-21-0069 and another
2006-10-21-0070 a river
2006-10-21-0071 dead tree
2006-10-21-0072 there are mushrooms here too
2006-10-21-0074 a tree stump
2006-10-21-0075 yet more mushrooms.
2006-10-21-0076 and another
2006-10-21-0077 star carving tree stump
2006-10-21-0078 more mushrooms
2006-10-21-0079 more mushrooms
2006-10-21-0080 chicken of the woods mushrooms
2006-10-21-0081 river
2006-10-21-0083 Back in Donegal and theres that woman again.
2006-10-22-0084 burdy
2006-10-22-0085 Bought some great stuff from this shop
2006-10-22-0086 and from this one too
2006-10-22-0087 the town centre is a sort of three interlocking rings but this doesn't show it at all well
2006-10-22-0089 just to show I can take photos like my dad used to
2006-10-22-0091 Took some scenery shots on the way back to Dublin.
2006-10-22-0098 The brave driver.

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