Early in September David organised a trip round Dublin zoo. A baby snow leopard had just been born and we got to get close up to it. Somehow we got separated from the group but we still had a great time.

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2006-09-03-0038 beermats. It's a long story, honest.
2006-09-03-0041 tigger not bouncing.
2006-09-03-0042 more like sleeping.
2006-09-03-0043 A group of mensans trying to work out how to get out of this cage.
2006-09-03-0044 That's it go along the path to the right.
2006-09-03-0046 Snow leopard mum
2006-09-03-0048 snow leopard baby (getting very pissed of with being man handled)
2006-09-03-0050 This photo taken just moments before it pounced and ate David.
2006-09-03-0051 mum and other cub
2006-09-03-0053 There's an orangutan in here somewhere
2006-09-03-0054 oh there he is
2006-09-03-0055 It's a munky
2006-09-03-0056 another munky
2006-09-03-0057 penguins without the wrappers. I like the green ones.
2006-09-03-0058 bums
2006-09-03-0059 Rhinorosserosserisses
2006-09-03-0060 kissing.
2006-09-03-0061 rubbing bums (well they seam to like it)
2006-09-03-0062 Mr sea lion.
2006-09-03-0065 and all of the mrs sea lions.
2006-09-03-0066 Fiona and the foreign guy who will always think they're called beermats because of me.
2006-09-03-0067 bums
2006-09-03-0068 cock (pea)
2006-09-03-0070 bum
2006-09-03-0071 red leamur
2006-09-03-0073 bum
2006-09-03-0074 burdy
2006-09-03-0081 mushrooms
2006-09-03-0082 pretty flowers
2006-09-03-0083 bum
2006-09-03-0084 bum
2006-09-03-0085 bum
2006-09-03-0086 a bride.

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