I don't know why but these two have decided to end a long life of living together and get married. It could be they just wanted a big party. Ah well, you just have to love 'em. Any way here are the unedited photos that I took with my ikkle camera. Some are OK many are blurred or dark or just bad.

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2006-06-06-0001 Well that's cool !
2006-06-06-0002 Here's Mel. She tried ever so hard to get a pic of me, but I don't think she did.
2006-06-06-0003 A big red bus. This was such a cool idea. It's almost like the one's I went to school on as a kid
2006-06-06-0004 Except it's not a Guy or a Dennis
2006-06-06-0005 Triker Triker Triker Triker !
2006-06-06-0006 Triker Triker Triker Triker !
2006-06-06-0007 Triker Triker Triker Triker !
2006-06-06-0008 Upstairs in the bus. We got the "bad boys"seat at the back
2006-06-06-0009 Waiting for the bride
2006-06-06-0010 Waiting for the bride
2006-06-06-0011 Still Waiting for the bride
2006-06-06-0012 Hey look, it's the bride.
2006-06-06-0013 Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then I'll begin.
2006-06-06-0014 Duh! Thanks Trev
2006-06-06-0015 Well, I can look can't I.
2006-06-06-0016 The deed has been done.
2006-06-06-0017 A re-enactment of the signing.
2006-06-06-0018 A re-enactment of the signing.
2006-06-06-0020 Lets get some air
2006-06-06-0021 Hey, she's got a nice bum.
2006-06-06-0022 The terrified happy couple
2006-06-06-0023 The look of fear!
2006-06-06-0024 Nice Tattoo
2006-06-06-0025 Here Dodge is under Sarah's bum, later he'll be under her thumb :-)
2006-06-06-0026 Is that a smile?
2006-06-06-0027 There were a lot of nice bums at this do :-)
2006-06-06-0028 Mel and a Klingon.
2006-06-06-0029 Trike !
2006-06-06-0030 Awwwwww
2006-06-06-0031 Ready to go?
2006-06-06-0032 No, got to get her super hero cape on first!
2006-06-06-0033 Now ready to go
2006-06-06-0034 And they're off
2006-06-06-0035 Trike Trike Trike Trike Bike van Bus
2006-06-06-0036 Trike Trike Trike Trike Bike van Bus
2006-06-06-0038 People hanging round waiting for something to happen
2006-06-06-0039 Lorna (slave) and her mistress (dom).
2006-06-06-0040 again but with a flash (on the camera not of their bits)
2006-06-06-0041 Lorna "cops a feel" of the Bride.
2006-06-06-0042 and looks very happy for it
2006-06-06-0043 Oh my love, you have a very leacherous look on your face but remember she's a married woman now!
2006-06-06-0044 Triker and Trike
2006-06-06-0045 Tri-Cake :-)
2006-06-06-0046 Tri-Cake :-)
2006-06-06-0047 Tri-Cake :-)
2006-06-06-0048 Badge of Honour
2006-06-06-0049 The groom
2006-06-06-0050 Bouncy Castle - Bouncy Lorna !
2006-06-06-0051 Bouncy Castle - Bouncy Lorna !
2006-06-06-0052 Bouncy Castle - Bouncy Lorna !
2006-06-06-0053 Bouncy Castle - Bouncy Lorna !
2006-06-06-0054 Killing the Cake.
2006-06-06-0055 Stab Stab Stab !
2006-06-06-0056 A very happy Mel
2006-06-06-0057 Another nice bum
2006-06-06-0058 Ready to slice and dice the cake.
2006-06-06-0059 Ready to slice and dice the cake. (This time the flash worked)
2006-06-06-0060 Stab stab cut slice
2006-06-06-0061 cut cut cut
2006-06-06-0062 Come on! put more effort into it!
2006-06-06-0063 No not that much!
2006-06-06-0064 Phew, at last!
2006-06-06-0065 No not a nice bum, he just walked in front (honest)
2006-06-06-0066 People in the dark.
2006-06-06-0067 Oh cute bum :-)
2006-06-06-0068 Speach sheapsh shpeechhh (hic)
2006-06-06-0069 a couple in the mirror
2006-06-06-0070 and in the mirror a couple.
2006-06-06-0071 A very happy Mel and a very happy Lorna, but for different reasons I think!

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