Near the end of Jan me and Lorna went to visit Jean at her home in Netherton.

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durham This was her house. She's moved now.
2006-01-29-0003 The part of Liverpool they don't want you to see. Derelict buildings.
2006-01-29-0004 We got to matthew Street to see Lennon's thing.
2006-01-29-0005 Found a sign that was "appropiate"
2006-01-29-0006 Saw the Liver building
2006-01-29-0008 with the bird on top
2006-01-29-0009 Some fine art
2006-01-30-0010 and some not so fine. The famous "Other Place" by Andrew Gormley.
2006-01-30-0012 Just the girls on the beach.
2006-01-30-0013 The locals have put clothes on some of the statues
2006-01-30-0016 and this tell you what it's all about
2006-06-15-0002 Jean's back garden
2006-06-15-0003 it gets blurred sometimes.
2006-06-15-0004 rear of the house
2006-06-15-0005 front of house (back of car)
2006-06-15-0006 Interior pics. We were trying to sell the place.

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